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How to Cope with Feelings of Failure After Divorce

Any person who has achieved great things in this life will tell that one of the key elements to success is failure. But most of us out there are so terrified of failing. We experience an incredible amount of shame when we feel that we somehow … [Read More...]

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Father Speech

Father’s Wedding Speech Makes An Impact

Speeches made on wedding days always spice up the occasion - especially when it makes an impact on the bride and the groom. The video on YouTube, uploaded on February 28, 2013 by The Streetmix, shows the bride's father making a one-of-a-kind speech … [Read More...]

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Book Of Photography Tells Of A True-To-Life Romance

'When We Were Young' is a book that focuses on a couple's love story - both sensual and passionate at a time in the early 1970s when life was simple and carefree . The book brings back cherished memories of love, freedom, and innocence. What makes … [Read More...]

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Why Guys Don’t Pursue After The First Date

You went on a date with who you thought was the man of your dreams. He seemed pleased enough when he left you at the door. You waited for his call the following day, and the next, and the next. But there was no call or even an email from him. Try to … [Read More...]

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Woman Receives Flowers From Deceased Husband On Valentine’s Day

  This past Valentine's Day, Shelly Golay of Casper, Wyoming received a surprise she'll never forget. Eight months after her husband, Jim's passing, the local florist delivered a bouquet of flowers with a note that read: "Happy Valentine's Day … [Read More...]

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Celebrating Father’s Day In Different Countries

After the recently celebrated Mother's Day, we of course, shouldn't forget the fathers. We reflect on the invaluable role of fathers in the family's development as well as their substantial contributions to the nation. Celebrating Father's Day on … [Read More...]

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Unique Traditions On Valentine’s Day

February 14 might be the common day of celebration for Valentine's Day but the usual flowers, chocolates, and dating tradition might not be the same all over the world. FRANCE There is this popular tradition in France called "une loterie d'amour" … [Read More...]

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Finding Love After Tragedy- How One Accident Saved a Marriage

The story of Bob and Gloria Farley’s marriage begins like many other modern day tales of love. They met over four decades ago on a blind date. Bob knew right away that Gloria was the one for him: "She knocked my socks off... I knew long before she … [Read More...]

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Should We Share Marital Problems With Friends?

Just like our relationship with our husband, friendship is invaluable. Friends validate what we are feeling and show mirror image of us. They are there to give comfort and confidence when we become uncertain of some decisions. Sure, it would help to … [Read More...]

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A Marriage to Remember- One Man’s Tribute to His Parent’s Love

Pam White has had a great life: a mother to three healthy children, careers as both an actress and social worker, and a husband who adores her. She has every reason to be happy and grateful. As she says herself, “There’s just one little … [Read More...]

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Most Welcome Wedding Crashers

It is your wedding day and you wanted it to be perfect to the last minute. You have finished the ceremony and all went smoothly, so far. But, at the middle of the wedding reception, somebody crashes your wedding. The question is, would you allow it - … [Read More...]

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Stopping a Fight Before It Starts With One Simple Word

Do you find yourself reliving the same argument with your partner, over and over again? Does it seem like you just talk in circles, never getting your problems resolved? Believe it or not, this pattern may actually have little if anything to do … [Read More...]

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Modern Day Kissing And Its Meaning

During the time when we were young, innocent, and sweet, we had our share of romantic relationships. At that time, a hug and a simple kiss is our way of showing affection. And a kiss - when we were young, innocent, and sweet - was a quick, secretish, … [Read More...]

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More Sex Means Disappointment?

It's true that the benefits of sex are countless. Not only does it feel good, it also makes you healthy - strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, lowers rate of heart disease, a great exercise, and many more. But, does it mean that … [Read More...]

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Same Sex Indian Wedding And Their Love Story

Love has no gender, religion, nor race . This is true with the story of Shannon and Seema who got married last June of 2013 at the SmogShoppe in L.A. with India's traditional wedding ceremony complete with rituals like hand and feet painting, India's … [Read More...]

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