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Latest in Juliet’s Thoughts

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I Hate My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

So, I’m in a bit of a predicament. My best friend has been dating this new guy for about 3 or so months now. I’m really thrilled for her that she’s found someone and she appears happy, I couldn’t wish anything more for her to feel loved and special, … [Read More...]

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Today’s Video

Rowden&Liezl Wedding

Cancer Patient Marries Girlfriend Hours Before Dying

A video on YouTube is gaining popularity as viewers increase by the second. Now with more than half a million viewers and still rising, the video uploaded by Hasset Go on June 18 is the wedding of his brother, Rowden Go Pangcoga to his girlfriend, … [Read More...]

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Latest in Books

Love Is a Mixtape

Love Is a Mixtape: One Song at a Time

We never know how love is going to turn out.  It could be good; it could be bad.  That is why love is such an unbelievably frightening and powerful part of our existence.  For Rolling Stone writer, Rob Sheffield, love was a dream come true when he … [Read More...]

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Latest in Dating


The 5 Best Cities to Find Love

Move over Paris. These five cities rival the legendary city of love for dating and romance. Exactly how do they determine the best cities to find love? According to the writers at the BBC, who amassed research from the best-known destination … [Read More...]

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Latest in Enduring Love

24 final act of love

A Real Love Story: Their Final Act Of Love

Their children called “Their final act of love” to the end of a practically eternal love story, the story of Harold and Ruth Knapke. Two kids met in primary school and fall in love during World War II, get married in their adulthood and live … [Read More...]

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Latest in Family and Friends

Source: Today

Loving Dad Takes Son to All National Parks

Jonah Geier is a very lucky boy. Jonah was born with cerebral palsy, and is a quadriplegic. But regardless of his medical challenges, Jonah's Dad has taken him on long hikes since he was a small boy. The 18-year-old has been to numerous national … [Read More...]

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Latest in Lighter Side of Love

Source: Wikipedia

The Most Romantic “Fake” Love Letter Ever

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Those two names conjure up images of the perfect couple, two beautiful people with equally beautiful children in tow. Much has been made of the Jolie-Pitt union in recent years, especially since their engagement in 2012. … [Read More...]

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Latest in Love Stories

WWI Love Letters

WWI Love Letters Finally Find Their Home

It’s been nearly a century since World War I, and the soldiers that made it away from the battlefield are gone. But they live on in the memories and mementos left behind. Sentimental objects from the days of battle live on mantelpieces and … [Read More...]

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Latest in Marriage

Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim

Meet The Regular Folks Who Married Celebrities

What happens when ordinary people meet a celebrity? Would there be love sparks on their first meeting? Do celebrities tend to choose romantic partners that are similar to them or opposite them? Below are some regular folks who married celebrities and … [Read More...]

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Latest in Movies – TV – Video

My Dream Beside Me

My Dream Beside Me – You’re Never Too Old to Fall in Love

Most romantic comedy (rom-com) movies focus on the young and utterly beautiful.  Ultra-slim girls that lose their high heels down a New York City air vent grating and young men desperately searching for the one that got away.  These movies feed the … [Read More...]

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Latest in Music

Not a Bad Thing

Not a Bad Thing Calls for Love Stories

Justin Timberlake has captured many hearts over the years – and now it seems like he’s prepared to do it again.  Except this time, he wants to hold on to people’s love stories, as well as their hearts. As preparation for the video for the song “Not … [Read More...]

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Latest in Relationships

Happy couple on wedding day. Vintage wedding.

Building Emotional Intimacy in Your Relationships

Whether it’s with friends, family or potential lovers, intimacy helps us feel connected to others and adds meaning to our lives. Without it, we feel isolated and alone on this crazy merry-go-round we call life. Even if you and your partner enjoy a … [Read More...]

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Latest in Romance

sexy and beautiful

What Men Find Sexy and Beautiful In A Woman

I am one lady curious of what sexiness means or looks like. I hear friends say I'm sexy which I still wonder if they are just tantalizing me. I ask my partner if I am indeed sexy, and he says "of course" - what kind of answer is that, not near … [Read More...]

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Latest in Sex

Source: PoachedMag

Boosting Your Sex Life After Baby

One of the biggest complaints of any couple is what happens to the sex life after a baby enters the picture. The sex life of a couple can often go downhill fast, and it might seem tough to recover. Of course, during those first few months the sex … [Read More...]

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Latest in Weddings

Source: People

Bride Marries Her Prince Four Years After Tragedy

In March 2010, Larry Ragsdale was on his way to propose to the girl of his dreams. But all that changed when a drunk driver plowed into his car, changing his life in a split second. A strong, star athlete, the young man was left in a coma, and when … [Read More...]

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