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Latest in Juliet’s Thoughts


Why We Marry the Wrong Person

While we all can agree that no marriage comes without a few obstacles some really are just complete disasters. The relationship is so toxic and the couple so incompatible that one is left wondering what these two were ever thinking? But this … [Read More...]

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Today’s Video

surprise ticket

Husband Surprises Wife With Ticket To England

"A travel photo album?" said his wife who received a gift from him. She sounded disenchanted rather than gleeful. As she flips through the album, Rob Wiltsey guides his wife, explaining that the pictures are the places in England which they would … [Read More...]

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Latest in Books

Love Is a Mixtape

Love Is a Mixtape: One Song at a Time

We never know how love is going to turn out.  It could be good; it could be bad.  That is why love is such an unbelievably frightening and powerful part of our existence.  For Rolling Stone writer, Rob Sheffield, love was a dream come true when he … [Read More...]

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Latest in Dating

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How Not To Go Dateless on Valentine’s Day

February 14 is fast approaching and if you are hoping to find a date on that special day, here are some tips on how not to go dateless on Valentine's day. But you might as well start now as time is ticking! Look attractive - Start by enhancing your … [Read More...]

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Latest in Enduring Love


Gay Couple Marries After 61 Years Of Togetherness

Nothing is more inspiring than a love that was against all odds but still survived - just like the story of gay couple Richard and John. Richard Adrian Dorr and John Mace, for 61 years - yes, you read that right - 61 years, have dreamed of nothing … [Read More...]

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Latest in Family and Friends

noah and lucas

Big Brother Carries Disabled Brother During Triathlon

Big brother Noah Aldrich and his brother, Lucas, joined a local youth triathlon in their area. Lucas was born with lissencephaly, a condition which left him unable to talk, walk, or do anything on his own. Still, Noah wanted Lucas to enjoy and … [Read More...]

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Latest in Lighter Side of Love

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Unique Traditions On Valentine’s Day

February 14 might be the common day of celebration for Valentine's Day but the usual flowers, chocolates, and dating tradition might not be the same all over the world. FRANCE There is this popular tradition in France called "une loterie d'amour" … [Read More...]

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Latest in Love Stories

Screen grab from Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) - Thanks

The Romantic Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is a household name in social networking. The Facebook boss is known for being a workaholic, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. But have you ever wondered about the romantic side of him? Yes, he did have one, and still does, and … [Read More...]

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Latest in Marriage

Photo credit: Prager University

Why Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery

Adultery happens when a married couple performs sexual intercourse with a person not their spouse. Thou shall not commit adultery may be the most difficult commandment to abide with. And why is that? One - a person's libido. It is made more difficult … [Read More...]

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Latest in Movies – TV – Video


A Quirky Romantic Comedy- Silver Linings Playbook Review

Can a man with a bipolar condition, recently released from a mental institution after assaulting his ex-wife’s lover ever find love? Maybe if he meets someone as unstable as himself…. So is the premise behind the film Silver Linings Playbook. The … [Read More...]

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Latest in Music

Photo courtesy of VEVO

Most Welcome Wedding Crashers

It is your wedding day and you wanted it to be perfect to the last minute. You have finished the ceremony and all went smoothly, so far. But, at the middle of the wedding reception, somebody crashes your wedding. The question is, would you allow it - … [Read More...]

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Latest in Relationships

jordan axani

A Free Trip Ticket For One Becomes Free For Many

  Last November, Jordan Axani from Toronto, placed an offer on Reddit website of a trip ticket around the world - for FREE - with just one qualification - you must have the same name as his ex-girlfriend. Jordan, 28, and his then girlfriend, … [Read More...]

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Latest in Romance


Napoleon Bonaparte: His Greatest Love

Napoleon Bonaparte is considered one of the greatest military leaders in Europe. He became the Emperor of France twice and dominated the West for more than a decade. Though he is known for his cynical views, he had a very tender side of him when it … [Read More...]

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Latest in Sex

This is where you can have a tea, coffee, and even lunch

A Garden In Thailand That Dazzles With Sensuality

In Mae Rim, Thailand, an extraordinary garden is getting quite an attention with its unusual displays and landscapes. Katai Kamminga, owner of the Erotic Garden and Teahouse, claims that it is the first garden of its kind in Asia when it opened in … [Read More...]

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Latest in Weddings


Wedding Advice for the Big Day

So you’re planning your wedding, the biggest event of your life so far. You’ve spent hours cruising the web, looking through bridal mags and trying on dresses (or tuxes!). You have the day planned in your mind down to a tee, from the details of the … [Read More...]

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