The 5 Best Cities to Find Love

Move over Paris. These five cities rival the legendary city of love for dating and romance.

Exactly how do they determine the best cities to find love?

According to the writers at the BBC, who amassed research from the best-known destination experts, a truly romantic city has plenty of relaxed bars, trendy restaurants and picturesque parks. Most of all these urban places are chock full of friendly, outgoing singles to meet.


The Best Cities to Find Love

Buenos Aires, Argentina                                                                                                      

The birthplace of the tango, one of the sexiest dances invented, is also a great place to find your soul mate. The nightlife in Buenos Aires can last until 8:00 or even 10:00 am the next day. This capital of Argentina never shies from celebrating love and romance. Visit any park around town and you’ll find couples young and old, kissing, hugging and just generally loving each other.

If you’re interested in a more romantic European feel, check out the historic San Telmo neighborhood with its neoclassical architecture and cobblestone streets. For something more chic, travelers will enjoy Puerto Madero. Nestled right on the river Rio de la Plata, Puerto Madero has no shortage of stylish restaurants.


Austin, U.S.A.

An unlikely candidate hidden away in the great state of Texas, Austin has a singles’ scene for just about anyone. Whatever your fancy, whatever your taste, Austin’s got it.

To facilitate meeting like-minded singles, many of the bars in the city have long communal tables. The locals in Austin have a “work hard, play hard” mind set so you can always find a great spot to party the night away.

For anyone moving to Austin, Downtown, South Congress and Clarksville are great neighborhoods for singles. These districts offer many condominiums that have a great social vibe with large pool and barbeque areas and easy access to all the hot dating spots in the city.


Copenhagen, Denmark

The free-spirited locals of Copenhagen are often called the “Latinos of Scandinavia” for their insatiable lust for life. With long summer nights that can last up to 17 hours during the summer solstice, the nightlife doesn’t let up. Copenhagen’s cobblestone streets, beaches, parks and squares are perfect for romantic strolls around town.

The neighborhood of Vestebro with its trendy bars and cafes is THE place for young singles.


Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa’s second largest city, Cape Town, offers a wide range of activities for young lovers. The city’s landscape of vineyards, Sandstone Mountains and beaches provide the perfect romantic backdrop for singles looking for love.

But what really makes Cape Town one of the best cities to find love? The locals. The people of Cape Town love to socialize and party and are always open to meeting visitors.

If you seek a laid back vibe with restaurants, clubs and hangouts right on the ocean, visit the suburb of Camps Bay. For an artist and media Mecca, go to Cape Quarter.


Montreal, Canada

Yes, my home city of Montreal also made the list. BBC actually placed it fourth but I left it for last.

What’s it like to live in one of the world’s most romantic cities?

Well, it definitely has a relaxed vibe like the BBC article claims. With so many people sitting outside drinking beer during the middle of the workday I often wonder, “Do people actually work in this city?”

And with so many bars and clubs, you could say it is a party town. With a little effort, meeting people isn’t hard, even with broken French like mine.

What are the romantic neighborhoods for those seeking love?

The Plateau is one of the trendiest with its large artist and hipster element. Old Town is chic even with all the tourists running around. And the Village boasts the largest in size gay neighborhood in all of North America.

But let’s get serious folks, Montreal is really only romantic a few months out of the year. On a good year, we’re looking at five months of decent weather- six tops.

Clearly this reviewer never experienced a Montreal winter.




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