Common Mistakes Why Many People Find It So Hard To Find A Love Partner

There are so many lonely people out there, women and men wishing to find their perfect match and live a fantastic endless love story or simply find someone with whom to share their lives. They keep trying, meeting new people waiting for the right one to arrive and stay!  After a while, women end up saying that all men are engaged, married or gays and men conclude that women are too easy or too interested. Well, both are wrong, finding a partner depends on us, not on the others.

 One of the main common mistakes why people find it so hard to find a love partner is that they are asking for the impossible! Over the years, people become more demanding, and that is normal, but the problem comes when they get out of reality and pretend to find someone that doesn´t exist. So, these people reject all individuals that don´t seem “perfect”, that don´t fit their high standards. Face it, such a perfect person is almost impossible to find! Leave the Prince/Princess of the fairy tales on the past please!

Another big error is that many people are incoherent with what they want and what they give. For instance, if a man gets involved in a relationship selling himself as the one that pays it all, is overly generous and financially secure and supportive, what women will see in him will probably be a financial support more than a life partner.  Or if a woman shows presents herself as a sex-machine, men will find it hard or impossible to view her as the cooking housewife you want to be. It doesn’t mean you don´t have to be sexy and seductive, it just means don´t overdo it!

Searching at the wrong place is quite frequent. If you know how you are and what kind of person you would like to find, think where that person could be spending his/her time. If you are someone that loves to stay at home, watch tv, or any other calmed and relaxed thing, don´t try to meet someone with similar preferences in a night club! On the contrary, if you like extreme-sports and would love to share that adrenaline with a partner, you will unlikely meet someone with that profile at the public library.

Sometimes people fail in their attempts to establish a relationship because they don´t have the right motivations. If you think that to be a complete person you need to be with somebody, most chances are that you won´t find that one. There are no “halves” out there seeking for a partner, there are people who need to find a complete individual with whom to interact.

The other big error is sending the wrong messages. For some reasons, mainly seeking acceptance, people “sell” themselves for something they are not. So if you are craving to find someone, fall in love and get married, why do you offer yourself as a casual relationship? What makes you think you will be able to change the other one´s mind and turn the casual affair into a long lasting love? Think about it and determine what you are looking for, be honest with you and with any possible candidate you might meet.



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