Dating – Overcoming the Racial Divide

Dating Across the Racial Divide“It’s not a black and white world.  To be alive, I say the colors must swirl.” – From The Beauty of Grey, performed by Live

People tend to self-segregate, unless they have been given an opportunity to cross a racial divide.  Usually, this is not racism, unless a person attributes this as a matter of superiority or distaste.  Instead, it has to do with what makes a person feel most comfortable.  However, recent studies suggest that the future looks a little brighter for cross-racial relations.  And apparently, the internet can take part of the credit for this.

Dating Across the Racial Divide

UC San Diego sociologist, Kevin Lewis, has released findings from research conducted through   While many users still tend to reach out to people of their own racial background, there are those who are keen to reach across the racial divide.  And when they do, they are likely to find their messages get a reply.  Even if that potential match does not work out, it often leads to more cross-cultural engagements from both parties in the future.

The statistical data was previously extremely difficult to obtain, but online dating sites have made it easier for social researchers to study the data.  However, because users tend to return to their usual patterns within a week, it will take a long time, and a great deal of research to determine how this affects a person’s attitudes towards other races – and how this affects ingrained dating patterns.

So, it appears online dating may be advantageous for more than simply finding love – it may, over time, provide researchers with the tools they need to make concrete changes in regards to self-segregation (and hopefully, other more aggressive thought patterns).

Want to know more about overcoming the racial divide through online dating?  You can read the full story on Health 24.

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