Why Guys Don’t Pursue After The First Date

Photo from mens life

Photo from mens life

You went on a date with who you thought was the man of your dreams. He seemed pleased enough
when he left you at the door. You waited for his call the following day, and the next, and the
next. But there was no call or even an email from him. Try to recall what happened on the day
you went for a date. What went wrong? Here are the common reasons why guys don’t pursue after the first date.

Were you well-mannered and ladylike? Everyone knows it’s not good to pretend what you are not,
but the first date isn’t exactly the best time to feel totally at home with him. Your actions
or words might have offended him in some way. Lesson no. 1 – be nice on dates – even if he is
less than what you expected.

You came late on a date? Of course, it bothered him. As a matter of fact, it would upset anyone
who is kept waiting. In fairness, you both agreed on the time so being late shows lack of
respect to the person you are dating. Unless you carry a high ranking position in a company
where your timetable is sporadic, then be on time.

Although he finds you amazing, there might be some problem with you carrying an excess baggage.
Your past experiences or history might be worrisome to him. It is more likely that he will not
pursue you at present. He wouldn’t want to become part of an unhappy relationship. The best
thing for you to do is to resolve all negative issues of your past before you can participate
in a healthy relationship.

No matter how gorgeous you look at the time of your date, no matter how polite and friendly,
there was just no chemistry. Probably it kind of unfair when your date seems to think that way
on the first date but it is both for your own good – it spares him another boring date and you
the painful truth that he isn’t into you. Move on, the next date might be a bigger catch!

Sure you had fun on the first date, it was totally awesome! But then, that’s just exactly what
he wants – fun. Either he’s scared of commitment or he’s just not ready for a serious

Whatever reason your first date didn’t succeed, always remember that there are many more to
come. Either you sulk and lose your self-confidence or learn from it and make you a better

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