Valentine’s Day for Singles- What To Do and What NOT To Do


It’s that time of year again. Red and pink hearts decorate the walls and shelves of all the drug stores. Couples everywhere are gearing up to spend way too much money on overpriced dinners, flowers and boxes of chocolates.

But not you. This year you’ll spend the evening alone. And if you’re like a lot of single people out there that thought may fill you with dread. But believe it or not, Valentine’s Day for singles can be a blessing in disguise.

Why? Because not only will you save yourself a ton of money on overpriced gifts, you also have extra time to invest in the most important individual in your life- you.

Don’t know what to do with yourself? Below you’ll find plenty of ideas of what you should and shouldn’t do this most romantic day of the year.

  1. Pamper Yourself. Don’t sit around and mope, lamenting the fact you’re still single. Find away to celebrate your singlehood this Valentine’s Day. All that money you just saved not buying that overpriced dinner? Spend it on yourself. Order a nice meal in. Buy that clothing or gadget you’ve been eyeing. Better yet, go all out and get a luxurious facial, massage, mani- or pedicure.
  1. Stay in for Movie Night. Why not veg out with that movie you’ve been meaning to watch on Netflix? Or if you really want to overindulge, binge watch that series you’ve been addicted to this past month. No guilt whatsoever.
  1. Have a Singles’ Night Out. If you have any other friends that are single, plan to go out to a bar or clubbing. Find something fun. Make it an unspoken agreement to not mention what day it is.
  1. Do Something You Enjoy…Or Find Something New. Have an old hobby you just love but haven’t found the time for lately? Or perhaps you have an activity you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t yet had the chance. Whether it’s yoga, Pilates or that new Xbox game, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to do what you enjoy.
  1. Go to an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party. In some cities you can find parties dedicated to not celebrating Valentine’s Day. If you think you might actually have a good time, why not check it out? If you do decide to go, probably best to leave expectations at the door and approach it with some humor. It could be a bit of a disaster after all.
  1. Pay it Forward. So you’re still single. So what? That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day if you want to. Write out heartfelt cards or give gifts to those you care most about, your friends and family. If you really want to make someone’s day, go help out at a soup kitchen or volunteer in some way. Not only will it take your mind off the holiday, it will make you feel really great, giving to those in need.

OK, so those are ways you can treat yourself if you’re single this Valentine’s Day. But what about the things you shouldn’t do? If you want to keep your spirits up this February 14th, you should never, ever:

  1. Have a Dinner Out By Yourself. Not only will you pay WAY too much, the restaurants will be filled with couples.
  1. Go on a First Date. First dates can be awkward enough. Why add the pressure of Valentine’s Day on top of it? If you’ve met someone you’re interested in dating, schedule a different evening for your first date.
  1. Take a Stroll Where All the Couples Will Be. You know where I’m taking about- the main strip with all the romantic restaurants and bars. In Montreal, it would be Mont Royal or St. Denis. Wherever it is, best avoid it.
  1. See the Ex. No matter how lonely you may be, don’t call up the ex. Period. Nothing good will come of it. Trust me.

So there you have it. Valentine’s Day for singles doesn’t have to be depressing. Invest some time in yourself and you may just have a great evening after all.


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