Gay Couple Marries After 61 Years Of Togetherness


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Nothing is more inspiring than a love that was against all odds but still survived – just like the story of gay couple Richard and John. Richard Adrian Dorr and John Mace, for 61 years – yes, you read that right – 61 years, have dreamed of nothing else but to get married someday. They were one of many gay couples who wished more that anything that gay marriage be legalized in New York.

Finally, in June 27, 2011, their wishes came true. Richard, 84 and John, 91, were among the first gay couples to marry in New York after the state legalized same-sex marriage.

Their love story started in 1950 when homosexuality was considered unlawful in every US state. Richard and John first saw each other at The Juilliard School of Music where both were working as voice coaches. Both knew that each has found his soul mate. They started an illicit relationship where only very close friends knew of it. John, who was previously married had a son. Together, they raised John’s son, Paul. But tragedy struck in 1983 when a car accident killed John. Again, the two helped each other during that long process of healing. For 61 years, their love for each other have helped them endure the many difficulties of their relationship, and in the end, their commitment to each other was sealed through marriage.

An advice from Richard? – “Never go to sleep on an argument”.

Watch the video below as Richard and John tell their story.

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