Lasting Marriage: How One Couple Made It 70 Years

Lasting Marriage Pat and Connie OBrien

Lasting Marriage Pat and Connie OBrien; image from

Marriage is hard work.  You don’t know just how hard it is until you’re in it, and then it does seem a little late for advice.  But, the truth is there is a lot you can learn from the people who have lasted a remarkably long time with each other – and happily so.

Pat and Connie O’Brien are one of those couples with a strong, lasting marriage.  They are so proficient at it that they have been married for 70 years.  They have lived through wars and the death of one of their children, yet it is clear that they still look at each other with respect and admiration.

Pat and Connie O’Brien Know the Secret to a Lasting Marriage

What is the O’Brien secret to a lasting marriage?  Always looking at the brighter side of a problem.  It does work a treat if you can manage it, but then Pat and Connie have never argued for more than an hour – and claim communication is one of the most crucial parts of any relationship.

Pat (92) and Connie (90) met during college and rather quickly fell in love.  They rushed to get married in 1944 before Pat shipped off to war.  Over the years, they have had three children, and piles of grandchildren and great-grand children.  Their family remains at the core of their happiness, along with their robust health, and the entrepreneurial ventures Connie launched with some of her children and grandchildren.

The lasting marriage of Pat and Connie O’Brien was recently covered in an interview with the couple by The Oregonian.  If you would like to learn more of their story, and read their interview, why not head over to Oregon Live to check it out.  In a world where so many marriages fail, it is always romantic to read the story of a couple who have a romantic, lasting marriage.

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