Ohio Couple Dies Within Hours of Each Other After 70 Years of Marriage

Helen and Kenneth Felumlee in early 1940's, photo courtesy Dick Felumlee.

Helen and Kenneth Felumlee in early 1940’s, photo courtesy Dick Felumlee.


Imagine finding your soul mate as a teenager and happily spending the next 70 years deeply in love with barely a moment apart.

 So it was for Kenneth and Helen Felumlee. The two shared a love so strong that they couldn’t spend even one night apart.

On a ferry trip to Alaska, with only bunk beds to sleep in, the two had to make a decision: either sleep apart or share the cramped bottom bunk together.

They chose the bottom bunk.

Every morning, they started their day holding hands over the breakfast table.

Eager to marry, the young couple crossed over the Ohio border into Kentucky so Kenneth, just 2 days shy of his 21st birthday could legally wed.

“He couldn’t wait,” son Jim Felumlee, said.

Ohio Couple Dies Within Hours of Each Other After 70 Years of Marriage

And death was no different for the loving couple.

The two died on April 12th of this year- a mere 15 hours apart.

But the phenomenon came as no surprise to their eight children who knew that their parents would never survive on this earth without each other.

“We knew when one went, the other was going to go,” said their daughter Linda Cody.

Helen, age 92 passed away first on the 12th of April. Not long after, Kenneth began to decline. Just 12 hours later, Kenneth looked at his children and said, “Mom’s dead.” He died the morning of April 13, surrounded by 24 of his closest family and friends.

“He was ready,” Cody said. “He just didn’t want to leave her here by herself.”

Their son, Dick Felumlee reported the two had died of old age. Even though the pair experienced failing health in recent years, their strength and undying love kept each other going until the end.


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