A Real Love Story: Their Final Act Of Love

Their children called “Their final act of love” to the end of a practically eternal love story, the story of Harold and Ruth Knapke.

Two kids met in primary school and fall in love during World War II, get married in their adulthood and live together during 66 years until they both died the same day, only 11 hours apart.

 Harold Knapke and his wife Ruth passed away in the Versailles Health Care Center, Ohio, 9 days after their 66 wedding anniversary. They had married the 20th August, 1947 and had six children. One of their daughters, Margaret confessed that what comforts them is knowing that they left as they lived: together. Even though it is very difficult losing both parents simultaneously, they find comfort knowing they left together.

Margaret told that Harold loved her immensely, and she was extremely loyal and devoted to him. Every morning, when waking up, first thing Harold asked was: “Where is your mother? How is she?.” The father’s health had been deteriorating faster than Ruth’s during the last year, but suddenly Ruth got a rare infection, right before passing away. “It was as if she was trying to catch up with him”, their daughter said. Three days later, Harold died at 7.30 am. “Dad is up there waiting. It is time for you to go, don’t stay here for us” their children told Ruth. That same evening Ruth Knapke took her last breath, at 6.30 pm, and left this world to join the love of her life.

Ted Knapke, one of their sons said that when two people are together for almost 66 years they develop a strong mental connection so, independently of their health condition, they somehow realized it was time for them to go. And they left as they lived, together.in

“Mam and Dad were common people” confessed Carol Knapke. “I think if there is something we can learn from this story is that there are loves that last, and that is a good thing”.

If like me, you always asked yourself if one can die out of love, this story is the perfect example that illustrates that when love is real it is stronger than life and death, and yes, it is possible to die for love without taking our lives with our hands. When two persons are meant to be together, not even death will keep them apart.

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