Woman Receives Flowers From Deceased Husband On Valentine’s Day


This past Valentine’s Day, Shelly Golay of Casper, Wyoming received a surprise she’ll never forget. Eight months after her husband, Jim’s passing, the local florist delivered a bouquet of flowers with a note that read:

“Happy Valentine’s Day Honey. Stay Strong! Yours Forever Love, Jim”

Immediately, the widow thought her kids had sent the gift. But when she called to confirm, her son and daughter, both in their twenties denied responsibility. Too emotional to contact the florist herself, Shelly asked her son to find out if the bouquet had really been from her husband. Sure enough, Jim had arranged the flowers to be sent not just that Valentine’s Day, but every one that followed for the rest of Shelly’s life.

 “A Fairy Tale Romance”

Shelly and Jim Golay had met through church back in 1984. Always a family man, Jim had proved himself to be a devoted husband and father to their 2 children.

But at only 52 years of age, Jim learned he had brain cancer. Even though his tumour was inoperable, he always remained positive and optimistic. Given just 12 months to live, the Wyoming man survived 26 months after diagnosis. He passed in June of 2014, eight months before Valentine’s Day. The couple had been married 28 years.


An Act of Love

After learning of her father’s gift, Jim and Shelly’s daughter Ashley started crying in the middle of the grocery store:

“I was so excited to know he had done something so sweet. It was just like my dad to do something like that. At the same time, it was bittersweet, because we knew in order for him to set something like that up, he must have known at one point he wasn’t going to make it.”

The gift stirred up mixed emotions for Shelly as well. Sad at the prospect of spending that first Valentine’s day without her husband, Shelly said the surprise bouquet gave her an incredible amount of comfort, “I honestly thought I would be heartbroken but my kids made sure to include me in things. Then I got the flowers. Wow! I just felt his love surround me and it lifted me up…His act of love was true love in its purest form.”

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