Big Brother Carries Disabled Brother During Triathlon

noah and lucas

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Big brother Noah Aldrich and his brother, Lucas, joined a local youth triathlon in their area. Lucas was born with lissencephaly, a condition which left him unable to talk, walk, or do anything on his own. Still, Noah wanted Lucas to enjoy and participate in the triathlon, however exhausting it is for him. This might sound all too familiar like the story of Dick and Rick Hoyt, except that Noah is 8 years old and Lucas, 6.

Triathlon is a sport competition involving 3 stages – swimming, cycling, and running. While it is very difficult for an adult to complete a triathlon, you can just imagine how an 8-year-old kid was able to pull it off bearing the extra weight of his brother. Noah started off by a 3-mile swim with Lucas in tow, was able to endure a 3-mile bicycle ride while pulling Lucas, and finally, a one-mile run pushing Lucas in a cart. This is truly hard work for Noah and took him 3 months to train his little body. It is unbelievable and amazing how a boy his age is capable of so much compassion and love for his brother. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for his brother and bestfriend.

Watch the inspiring video as big brother carries disabled brother during triathlon. A salute to Noah and Lucas!


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