The Story About a Mother’s Love That Brought a Middle School to Tears


Teenagers are a tough crowd. Completely self-absobed, they rarely care about anyone but themselves. And they especially don’t pay much attention to what their parents have to say. It can be a challenge to motivate them to do much of anything.

But not for inspirational speaker and author, Marc Mero. A former WCW & WWE Wrestling Champion, Mero now visits schools across the country to inspire young people to make better choices for their future success. Addressing issues such as substance abuse, bullying and teen suicide, his presentations have helped transform the lives of some of America’s most at risk youth.

How effective is he really? His personal story about a mother’s love brought an entire auditorium of middle schoolers to tears. That’s right. Middle schoolers. Those sullen pre-teens who are slaves to their hormones. And he pulled it off in a mere 4 minutes time.

Mero recounted his personal story of how as a teenager he hung out with the wrong crowd and succumbed to drugs and alcohol. Even though he would push her away, his mother never gave up on him and was the one person who always believed in him. Passing away suddenly at the height of his career, Mero was left with an overwhelming sense of regret for how he treated his mother all those years.

Keep a tissue handy as you watch Mero’s inspirational tale of his mother’s undying devotion. And this Mother’s Day, be sure to share it with the woman who has always loved you most.

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