Twin Sisters Come Together After 25 Years Apart



Imagine what you would have felt when you receive an email from another person claiming to be your sister – your twin sister? Would you even take it seriously? This is exactly what happened to Samantha Futerman, who, through a popular social networking website, received a message from Anais Bordier, who says they look the same.

It all started when Anais’s friend saw a video on the internet of a girl who looks very similar as her. The friend saw her again in the trailer of “21 And Over” which left Anais more curious than ever and so she researched about the girl who looked like her and eventually decided to start communicating with her.


Luckily, Samantha responded and both took to Skype and were immediately filled with awe. They have the same appearance and the same birthday. Confirming through DNA tests and informations given by their adoptive parents, they were indeed twin sisters who might have been separated at birth. Both were born in Korea but had different adoptive families. While Samantha grew in New Jersey and followed a career in acting in Los Angeles, Arnais, on the other hand, was brought up in Paris and is attending Fashion school in London. During their chats, they found out so much similarities between them like having the same nail polish without them intending to do so and having almost the same hands.

young twins

Soon after, they agreed to meet each other after 25 years of being separated 5,000 miles apart from each other.

With their story, they began a foundation that will aid other fellow adoptees who wanted to be reunited with their families as well.

You can watch more of their video in GMA.

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