eBook Authors Wanted!


Got a story inside of you just waiting to be told?

Do you enjoy writing about love, romance and relationships?

Or maybe you have your own tale of real-life, enduring love that you want to share with the world…

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Ebook Authors Wanted and Welcome

Here at Juliet is the Sun, we celebrate love, romance and everything that makes this crazy life worth living. Think of our site as a refuge from all the madness you’ll find on the 24 hour news stations. Our visitors get a daily dose of positivity, whether it comes in the form of a comical video, or the latest story of enduring love. And because we are a group of not one or two but many writers, readers receive different perspectives originating from around the world.

And in keeping with this collective spirit, we have decided to release our first eBooks written by various authors under our trademark. Currently a number of our writers are developing the first of this series. By this spring, we will release a collection of new eBooks for our fans to enjoy.

As we hope to offer a wide variety of eBooks of different topics ranging from “how-to” guides to tales of romance, we want to open up a call to all potential writers. If you’re a romance author and have a suggestion for an eBook, we want to talk with you!

This should be exciting as our site grows in the coming months. We look forward to growing with your input!



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