Relationships: When It’s a Waiting Game

Relationship Waiting GameAfter seven years as a single mother, I’ve just moved in with my boyfriend.

From my point of view, it’s been a long time in coming.  But somehow, it never was the right time.  And as much as I wanted to join our homes into one family, I have to admit, he wasn’t the only one who wasn’t ready.

Relationship Day Dreams

But, occasionally, I had these wild day-dreams about cooking him dinner before settling in on the couch together, or more realistically, about him packing up the school lunches for the kids because I had too much work on my plate.  And although my imaginings were hardly romantic, what I was looking for was a partnership.  I just wasn’t ready for it – even if I couldn’t admit it.

There’s nothing wrong about wanting a relationship to head in a certain direction – and there’s nothing wrong in not being ready for it at the same time.  Only, for years, I didn’t know that.  I always felt as though there may be something wrong with the fact that one day I wanted our relationship to go further, and by the next day I would be certain there was no way I could do it.

Single Mom Relationships

So for years, I went through all the trauma of “dating” as a single mom.  And that means that you’re simply spreading yourself too thin.  After all, you need to work, look after the kids, keep the house in some sort of state of affairs, spend time developing a relationship – and if you’re lucky, you may get a decent night’s sleep every now and again.

Two weeks ago, the boys and I finally moved into his place.  And although it was a process, it somehow seemed normal, as if I’d been working towards it for years.  I guess I have.  And I am just so happy we waited until it was right for everyone (or as close as you can get).  All those nights of sleeping alone have dissolved into the faintest of memories.

And as he just asked what the kids need for school tomorrow, well…  it’s hardly romantic, but it’s worth the wait.  Now, I’m off to make dinner for everyone before settling into the couch for the evening.

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