Romantic Fashion You Can Read

Romantic Fashion

Carrie Ann Schumacher’s Romantic Fashion; image from

Throughout the ages, people have been both inspiring and inspired by romance. And why not, it usually comes with a sensuous and tender love. Romance lovers devour stories and movies about love. They follow the relationships of celebrities, as if they were friends, because it’s wonderful when love works. Most people go out of their way to invite love into their lives. They will dress to attract others and spray themselves with perfume in the hopes that they will become more attractive. Romantic fashion certainly exists.

But, now there is a dress that isn’t just about inspiring love. Love does not even inspire it. Well, not directly that is.

Romantic Fashion Brings Books to Life – Quite Literally

Carrie Ann Schumacher is an artist who is bringing romantic fashion to life through the creation of a piece titled “Emil and La Vie en Rose.” Her work is a dress created from the pages of romance novels.

Of course, it will be impossible to read the poetic musings on the pages as the pages have been shredded and stitched together in layers. It’s an unusual combination of romance, fashion and design, but it certainly has as an ability to inspire tender feelings.

Is it art imitating life or life imitating art? If you happen to be in Michigan, why not find out for yourself. And, if you’re not nearly close enough, why not learn more about Ms Schumacher’s work by visiting her website?

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