Baby Reacts to Mother Singing Sara Evans Song – Juliet Is the Sun

Music touches us all in different ways. It can move us to dance, laugh and cry. Music will send chills down our spine and even allow us to free ourselves if we let it.

For children and babies with no inhibitions, music can inspire a range of reactions. Never afraid to let loose, children won’t shy away from dancing it up when the music moves them. But what happens when they hear a sad song? Unlike adults who have been conditioned to keep it all in, children will just let go and weep.

Recently this YouTube video of a baby girl reacting to her mother’s voice went viral all over the Internet.

While sitting calmly in her baby seat, her mom starts singing the Rod Stewart song, “My Heart Can’t Tell You No”. At first happy enough, the baby’s eyes soon well up with tears once she hears the emotion in her mom’s voice.

If you listen to the country version by Sara Evans, you’ll hear a powerful voice that brings the pain she feels in the relationship. The baby’s mother does a wonderful job of expressing that sadness and pain. Her little girl picks it up and starts to tear up.

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