The Way to a Marriage Proposal is Through His Stomach?

way to marriage proposalYou’ve heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A woman from New York is taking that idea very literally with her blog, 300 Sandwiches. The idea is that her man will propose to her after she has prepared enough meals for him.

Here’s how it began: Stephanie Smith, a New York Post reporter, made a turkey-and-swiss sandwich for her boyfriend, Eric. He absolutely loved it, devoured it, and declared, “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!”

That started the wheels turning in Stephanie’s head. Soon she created a blog and began posting recipes and pictures of the mouth-watering sandwiches she prepared for the man in her life. As she points out on her blog, this is her effort to do something fun and memorable for their relationship. They are already halfway down the aisle: They are already living together and talking about marriage and kids. So why not give her boyfriend a little tasty incentive and a good memory at the same time?

As you might imagine, there has been an uproar from those who believe Stephanie is taking things too far. Why would she want to cater to a man’s stomach in order to get the engagement ring she deserves? Why would she want to put a deadline on his affections, demanding that he propose after 300 sandwiches? And doesn’t this indicate a “throwback” to a time when women were supposed to stay in the kitchen and tend to their men?

“How Stepford Wives of you!” one of Stephanie’s friends told her.

Stephanie fires back at her critics by telling them that Eric cooks more than she does. In fact, the stories she tells about his cooking skills make it seem as though he was born with a whisk in his hand. And of course they have fun — the making of the sandwiches means they get to go grocery shopping together, try out new ideas and share it all on the blog, which has gotten attention from some of the biggest names in the foodie world.

We’ll see what happens — she’s got about 100 sandwiches to go at this point, so it might be time for some lucky man to start shopping for a nice rock. One thing is for certain: With all that money he is saving by not eating out, that should be a huge engagement ring!

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