Blind Devotion – A Short Film Of Unconditional Love

Entitled ‘Blind Devotion’, this is the second in a series of two short films uploaded by Jubilee Project on YouTube.

At the start of the 9-minute film, Cecilia is shown waking up to the snore of her husband. But she didn’t mind because she loves him. So, every morning she gets awakened by his snore and every morning she startles him from his sleep to get even. Every morning she prepares his favorite breakfast which is an egg with everything in it, which she finds odd, yet she loves him so she didn’t mind. She also makes sure that his laundry is perfectly washed to demonstrate to all his co-workers that he is taken cared of and loved by his wife.

Screen grab from JubileeProject

Screen grab from JubileeProject

One day on her commute to work, she noticed something wrong with her sight. After a series of eye examinations, it was confirmed by an eye specialist that she was going blind. The world suddenly fell in on her – everything suddenly seems gloomy and depressing. What would happen to her career, to her life with Louie? She was so heartbroken knowing that her relationship with her husband will never be same.

On the other hand, Louie is bewildered with what she is showing him lately. He would often ask her what’s wrong but she just shuts him down. He knew his wife is losing her eyesight but she never lets him help her in any way. What he did next was very touching and admirable. Watch the video below to find out how Louie helped his wife in ways she herself didn’t even know, how he showed his unconditional love, without her knowing how much and the best part is that he doesn’t even care if she knows it or not.

Video by JubileeProject

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