Finding Love After Tragedy- How One Accident Saved a Marriage


The story of Bob and Gloria Farley’s marriage begins like many other modern day tales of love.

They met over four decades ago on a blind date. Bob knew right away that Gloria was the one for him:

“She knocked my socks off… I knew long before she did that I was going to marry her.”

The two fell madly in love just before Bob was sent off to fight in the Vietnam War. He spent the next 13 months, pining away for Gloria, writing frequent love letters that deepened their bond.

The couple married after his return to the states at the young age of 21. Gloria soon gave birth to two children.

After some years had passed, the marriage began to change, but not in a positive way. Both career driven, they saw less and less of each other. Soon they both began to realize they had grown too independent and were drifting apart. Gloria admits that the marriage was moving towards separation. Like many other couples who divorce, they simply had very little in common anymore.

But all that changed one fateful day. Bob got in a near fatal car wreck that broke all his ribs and punctured his heart and lungs. The father of two succumbed to a coma that lasted a total 32 days.

Gloria, a trauma nurse, knew his wounds were serious and could potentially kill him. The family waited anxiously for Bob to recover.

The day he finally woke from his coma, Bob looked over at his children and wife with a blank stare. He grabbed Gloria’s hand and said, “You’re my favorite nurse. You’re the only one that kisses me.” The family realized at that moment that their father and husband didn’t recognize any of them.

According to Bob, “I was blank. I was sitting in a wheelchair, wearing a diaper, drooling. I had to learn everything all over again.”

Finding Love After Tragedy

Recovery for Bob took ten long years. Through all the pain and loneliness, Gloria never once left his side, determined to help her husband overcome his devastating injuries.

“When I married Bob, he really didn’t have much, but he had a heart,” Gloria says. “That’s the part of him that was still there. That was not lost. I saw that. And he fought hard to be a caring husband again.”


The accident gave the couple a second shot at life and at love. Since his recovery, Bob has strived to be the father and husband his family has always needed.

More involved than ever before, Bob began to become a real presence at home. Helping out more in school and with the household chores, he made an effort to improve their lives on a daily basis.

Now 40 years after they first met, Bob and Gloria’s relationship is stronger than it has ever been. The tragic accident so many years ago allowed the couple to fall in love for a second time and brought the family closer together.

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