Husband Writes Wife Love Letter Every Day for Over 30 Years


Bill and Kirsten Bresnan live in the Silver Ridge community of Tom Rivers, New Jersey. Their house looks much like every other in this sleepy neighborhood. But what goes on inside the Bresnan residence, a deep, profound and enduring love, makes their home a special place. As Bill explained to Huffington Post this past February:

“This is a love story of how to make, what I consider to be, the greatest relationship two people can have.”

A pretty bold statement but considering this husband has written one love letter every day for more than 30 years, he may not be too out of line.

Bresnan began writing his wife love letters when they were just dating. It wasn’t every day at first. But he would give her just a short note, a small scribbling on a napkin or a postcard professing his affections. Over time it became a daily event.

Sometime in the 1980’s the devoted husband made a conscious decision to compose a daily romantic note to deliver to his wife before going to bed. Never did he imagine the tradition would last for more than three decades.

But continue it has. And the couple attributes this ritual to helping create a loving, happy and enduring relationship. In fact, despite being married since 1977, the two have never once had a real fight in all those years.

“We’ve never gone to bed mad or without kissing. All issues and arguments ended at night. It’s one of the keys to a happy marriage. She looks forward to getting the notes every single day.”


Bresnan estimates he’s written more than 10,000 love notes, scribbles and cards to his wife over the last 30 plus years. And not only has Kirsten kept every single one she has also organized them all in hanging files according to date, staring with the year they began dating, 1974.

The wife explains that she keeps these notes not only as a token of her husband’s undying love, but also as a way to keep track of all the memories they’ve shared and lived through over the years.

“In our files we can look back and see what we did on any exact date and see a card, note and scribble saying we were on a cruise or at a dinner, so it’s a combination of a diary and love diary together. Every single one is an expression of love,” he says.

Kirsten admits that she has grown so accustomed to receiving her daily love letter that she would really be hurt if one day her husband forgot.

Despite calling their relationship, “the greatest two people can have”, Bill Bresnan insists that anyone could have a love like theirs- provided they are willing to do the work.

“The constant, constant expression of love is something you have to work at and do every single day.”

He hopes their story will serve as a lesson to the younger generation, who in his opinion, spend more time looking at their devices and less time focusing on each other.

“…If you concentrate on each other and don’t be distracted by all the other minutiae outside, you will be fine. It worked for us!”



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