Online Dating Forms Unlikely Bonds – Granny Is My Wingman

Online Dating - Kayli and GailThere have always been dating services, even if they haven’t been organised operations – and only the well meaning intentions of friends and family.  People have to meet each other in some way, right?  But, with the advent of modern connectivity, online dating has made meeting others as easy as switching on your computer.

But, just because you’ve turned to online dating doesn’t mean you are alone.  You’ve still got your friends and family that you can turn to for advice, support, and sometimes a kick out the door when you’re feeling despondent.

These days, online dating is almost ubiquitous; even if you’ve never tried it, you’re sure to know someone who has.  It’s losing its stereotypes across age barriers, gender divides and varying racial groups.  It should be no surprise when single women and their grandmothers try online dating together.

Online Dating – Kayli and Gail’s Story

At the end of a 4 year relationship, Kayli Stollak (26) turned to an online dating site to get herself back on the scene.  Turning to her grandmother, Gail, for advice, she also turned her on to the possibilities of online dating.  The ladies may have been divided by the distance between New York and Florida, but their frequent calls brought them closer together than ever before.  They shared stories and wisdom with each other – learning more about themselves in the process.

Sometimes funny, sometimes romantic, Kayli and Gail shared their online dating experiences – and stories about their lost loves.  Although online dating didn’t lead either one to a romantic attachment, they have fallen in love with each other – a bond that terribly few grandmothers and granddaughters get to share.

Even better, Kayli turned her experiences into a book ‘Granny Is My Wingman’.  It’s a touching story – and it just goes to show that everyone wants to find real love – in every form.

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