The Secret to a Successful Relationship?


Successful Relationship

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Anyone who has been in a long term relationship knows just how difficult it can be.  Relationships and marriage are tricky.  There are so many compromises and challenges involved in long term partnerships.  But, according to relationship therapist Leanne French, there is a simple reason for the number of unsuccessful relationships.  According to French, responsibility is one thing that is missing from modern relationships.  And that is not just responsibility to the other person; it is the responsibility we all must accept for the success of our relationships.

Responsibility is the Key to a Successful Relationship

In her new book, Fairytale Love: How to Love Happily Ever After, French explains her views on responsibility within relationships.  French claims that it is too easy to revert to traditional, and unhappy, roles within a relationship.  Speaking about women specifically, French says it is easy to slip into nagging and “feeling disappointed in their partners and highlighting and communicating what’s wrong, rather than celebrating what’s right.”

This may be easy, but it certainly not going to help anyone looking to build a happy future and a successful relationship.  But, that romantic, fairytale life is possible and French uses fairytale analogies to highlight character conditions that everyone becomes accustomed to.

Get Your Hands on a Copy of Fairytale Love: How to Love Happily Ever After

Want to know more about creating your own successful relationship?  Why not read Fairytale Love: How to Love Happily Ever After; you can pick up a copy from Amazon.  Or, if you cannot wait for a hard copy to arrive, you may want to check out this summary of French’s book.  And, if you are looking for more inspiration, you can always read the 6 Secrets to a Fantastic Marriage here on Juliet Is the Sun.

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