Leading Cause Of Divorce – Not What You Expect

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A lot of women are filing for divorce, even more than men. No matter how they value their children and family, the frequency of women quitting marriage is twice as often as men. No matter how comfortable and stable their life is with their husband, whom they love, they end it and trek into the world of unknown.

While it’s true that infidelity, physical abuse, fraud, or drug abuse may be serious grounds for divorce, shockingly, they’re not the leading cause of divorce in women.

Neglect is! When a husband has to work late most of the time or leaves the home very often for weeks, the wife somehow develops bad feelings of being neglected and abandoned. Likewise, if not at work, the husband spends his time attending live games with friends, golfing, fishing, or other recreational activities. Worst of all, even if at home, he prefers to watch TV, play games, spend time on his laptop and so on. Many wives feel that the only time they are needed is when their husbands want sex.

On the reverse, husbands file for divorce for the same reason – they feel they are not being cared for properly and their needs are no longer being met. They think that intimacy has left their marriage, which, more often than not, leads to the third reason for divorce in men – finding another mate.

Remember that divorce in marriage happens when there is lack of commitment from both husband and wife, and I repeat, BOTH parties. To strengthen the marriage, couples should learn to overcome their differences by avoiding damaging arguments, setting more realistic marital rules, or seeking professional help or counselling when the need arises. They should think of the good times they have gone through together. Husband and wife must meet each other halfway to fulfill each other’s emotional needs no matter how small one thinks it is.

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