Why Are Married Men More Attractive?

It has happened to almost every woman at one time or another. She sees a man who is sexy, handsome, hot — and he seems to be intelligent, caring and all the other things that make him a dream catch. But there is a wedding ring on his hand.

For many women, this is a sign that he is off-limits, and they will simply give him a smile while they silently think about how lucky his wife must be. But for other women, this is a siren’s call, a man that needs to be seduced away from that wife. Why do we find married men so attractive that we might be willing to cheat to get him for ourselves?

Source: She Knows

Source: She Knows

It’s called the Wedding Ring Effect.

There is actually a psychological reason why women are more attracted to a man with a wedding ring on his finger. In the animal world, it happens all the time — it’s called “mate choice copying.” When a female sees a male that has been “spoken for” or is otherwise partnered up with another female, she is naturally more attracted to that male. It is also known as “guppy syndrome.” In guppies, the females will tend to completely ignore the colorful, largest, and arguably most attractive males, instead going for the males that are obviously already coupled up with someone else. This happens even if the “taken” guppy is smaller or duller in color.

Scientists believe this is because the already taken guppy has proven itself somehow to the first female, and the second female senses that. There must be something special about this guy, because he was chosen! When it comes to humans, the same psychology is at play. A married man is seen as someone who is stable, settled down, a good provider, ready to be a father to children, and capable of committing to a long-term relationship — all things that appeal to the more basic nature of females. If one woman has already deemed him worthy, then he must be — and other women want to find out what it is that makes him that way.

So the next time that guy starts looking even hotter because he is wearing a wedding ring, keep in mind that this is your mind playing tricks on you — and that you are acting just like a guppy who needs a little of someone else’s action. And if you can overcome the Wedding Ring Effect, and find a man who is not attached, chances are you will soon be one of those women who has the  man that everyone else wants.


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