My Dream Beside Me – You’re Never Too Old to Fall in Love

My Dream Beside Me

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Most romantic comedy (rom-com) movies focus on the young and utterly beautiful.  Ultra-slim girls that lose their high heels down a New York City air vent grating and young men desperately searching for the one that got away.  These movies feed the dream everyone keeps of their younger selves.  But, they aren’t representative stories about finding love.  People fall in love all the time – at any time.  And, you’re never too old to fall in love again as My Dream Beside Me, a new rom-com clearly illustrates.

My Dream Beside Me – A Rom-Com at Heart

Paul Rich was 84 when he lost his first wife.  They had been married for 66 years.  Mary Kay Slesinger became a widower in her mid 60s, after 34 years of marriage.  Obviously, these were marriages that were designed to last, if only everyone could have cheated death.  But life doesn’t happen like that any more than the young lovers in rom-coms fall in love at fancy rooftop parties.  But, on thing these movies do get right is that people meet by chance and fall in love against the odds.

That’s exactly what happened for Paul Rich and Mary Kay.  My Dream Beside Me is the story of their love together.  Of course, it isn’t ever easy to love, especially when your past is filled with the incredible richness of a life spent with someone else.  Still, Paul and Mary Kay managed to find love – and stay in the present.  And truly, it seems that, sometimes, the present is the only thing that matters.  And people can be active, loving and full of life at any time.  They may even be the ones to stumble over the grating.

Mary Kay Slesinger were married and, as the title suggests, the new Mrs Rich tried to live every day in the present, with her dream beside her.

About My Dream Beside Me

Mary Kay was determined to create a testimony to Paul’s life after he passed.  My Dream Beside Me is exactly that tribute.  It stars Mary Kay as herself and Jeff Rose (Drop Dead Diva, Army Wives, Teen Wolf) in the role of Paul.  Making the film wasn’t an easy feat, between script writers who didn’t quite capture the romance between Paul and Mary Kay to the fact that she wanted to play herself.

After shooting primarily in Buffalo, New York, and even in situ as much as possible, this film has made it off the cutting room floor for release in limited theatres.  If you missed it on the big screen, you can order a DVD from the film’s website.  If you’re tired of watching 20 somethings fall in love, then perhaps you should.

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