Would You Undress With A Stranger For Science?

Strangers Undressing

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What would it be like undressing and getting undressed by your partner? Sounds romantic and exciting, don’t you think? This might be the ultimate foreplay before going into the main course – sex!

But what if strangers undress each other? Would it still be as sexually intense? And what would the end result be?

A video was uploaded on YouTube by Tatia Pllieva who is the director of the American TV series “Masters of Sex” being aired on Showtime. It is a promotional video for its second season which started airing last July of this year. This TV series evolves around the real life story of Dr. William Masters and wife, Virginia Johnson, both researchers on human sexual response in the 1950s. The video entitled “Undress Me”, is a recreation of the 1957 experiment of Dr. Masters and Johnson during their research on how humans respond to sexual stimulation.

The video shows couples, who have met for the first time, undressing each other with obvious awkwardness. After which, the couples have to lie down together in bed. Interestingly, after the discomfort and fumbling during the undressing stage, some actually end up making out in bed. So yeah, undressing and getting undressed with someone – stranger or not – is totally sizzling hot!

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