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Little Daylight

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Not everyone needs a slow, crooning ballad to inspire them.  Some songs about love, romance and even heartbreak are remarkably upbeat.  And some songs, like “Love Stories” by Little Daylight aren’t necessarily on the radio.  You’ve got to seek them out in the indie underground.  But, that doesn’t make them any less a love song.  In fact, sometimes it’s infinitely more enchanting when you get to be the one to expose your lover to a new artist.

Who Are Little Daylight?

Little Daylight are a Brooklyn trio who just started making music together in 2012.  Apparently, they never though they would be playing gigs until they were booked for the music festival South by Southwest (SXSW).  At that point, they knew they had to get out there and practice before taking a big stage.  They booked themselves into tiny gigs under a false name to miniscule crowds that loved the performance.

“Love Stories” is one of the first tracks off Little Daylight’s upcoming debut album, Hello Memory.  Their previous release is an EP entitled Tunnelvision.  And this is one trio that truly cares about the song and the music rather than the gimmicks and stage performance that other pop artists tend to follow.  It’s something that’s instantly present in their music.

Although Hello Memory is only available on July 15, you can listen to the full version of “Love Stories” on Little Daylight’s website.  And you’ll want to because these pop lyrics are straight from the heart.

I remember how I was lost in A LOVE STORY
I didn’t notice you were right there
And I learned to perfect my fall
So I never was ready to hear your call

Looking for more information on Little Daylight?  You can learn more about them on their website.  They’ve got all the links you need to pre-order the latest album, or where to catch them live.

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