Real Life Love Stories

Real life love stories that will make you believe in true love.

プレゼントする男性Do you have trouble believing in true love?

With all the horror we witness daily on the news it can be difficult to be convinced of its existence.

And if you are caught in the endless cycle of dating and never finding “the one”, it can feel like true love is only the stuff of fairy tales.

Yet it does exist. Real life love stories happen every day to average, ordinary people. In this world of war, government shutdowns and poverty you can still find your soul mate, the one person who will be there for you always.

Take the story of Anna and Boris Koslov. The two had been married yet were torn apart by Stalin’s brutal regime after just 3 days of marriage. Sixty years later, fate intervened and the two unexpectedly found one another. As Boris put it so eloquently, “Yes, I had loved other women when we were separated. But she was the true love of my life.”

And true love doesn’t just happen to 20 or 30 somethings. It can happen at any age as it had for  Al Ely and Amy Barrow of Dallas, Texas. The two had essentially given up on the possibility of finding a mate when they met and fell in love- all after the age of 50.

True love also manifests itself in many forms. It can be romantic love or the love between friends or family. Take the real life love story of a father’s enduring commitment to his son. Dick Hoyt never accepted or believed that his son, Rick, would live his life in a vegetative state the way doctor’s had predicted. And his faith prevailed. By the age of 43, Rick had participated in 24 Boston Marathons with his father by his side.

True love does exist and it can be one of the things that keep life on this planet livable. And we all search for our own individual ways to find love.

Whether it’s romance, platonic love, or the passion someone feels for art or his or her work, real life love stories endure in all their forms.

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