Ancient Love Advice for Modern Women


With the dawn of the sexual revolution and women’s liberation we think we have the battle of the sexes all figured out. Never in a million years would we take relationship advice from any woman alive over 2,000 years ago. After all, what could she possibly know?

Maybe quite a bit more than we give her credit for. As relationship author and expert, Debra Macleod, points out, even as modern woman enjoy more freedoms than they ever have before, so many of them are unhappy either with their dating lives or their marriages. Women just don’t seem to be having very much fun in their relationships these days.

And why is that?

Perhaps, as Macleod explains, despite our 21st century feminist values, we still haven’t quite figured out how to attract and keep the right sort of man. So many of us no longer cultivate that “feminine mystique”, that alluring quality women like the famous Queen Cleopatra had captured so perfectly.

So what could this ancient ruler teach us today? Plenty, actually. Despite her average looks, this queen knew how to enchant the world’s most powerful men and keep them interested. And she never allowed any man to treat her with anything less than respect.

In a word, she had class as well as allure.


Ancient Love Advice from Queen Cleopatra

Rule #1: Learn to Work With What You Have. Cleopatra was no great beauty but she had men fawning all over her. She used hair, make-up and clothes to flatter her best features.

Try putting your imperfections in the best light. Used in the right way, a flaw can become a unique asset. Certain dresses can transform your figure, whether it’s by adding curves or bringing them in. Add accessories like jewelry to bring attention to your best features.

Rule #2: Cultivate Your Mind As Well As Your Body. Cleopatra knew that if she wanted to keep the attentions of the world’s most influential men, she needed to be intelligent as well as attractive. Educated by Egypt’s top scholars, she not only could speak several languages, it is said she had even authored a few books. Knowledgeable in politics, philosophy, and astronomy she could hold down a conversation with any man.

Men back then as well as today didn’t have much interest in marrying women who didn’t have a lot going on upstairs. If you’re looking for a long-term mate who’s worth spending your life with, educate yourself on what’s going on in the world.

Rule #3: Choose Your Partner Well. Cleopatra was a notoriously sexual woman. But she wasn’t a tramp. She saved her body and bed for those men that mattered. Never would she choose a one that would walk all over her.

In a nutshell, don’t let yourself be a doormat. Be selective with whom you bring into your bed and never waste your time with guys who don’t respect you.

Rule #4: Keep the Passion Going. Cleopatra knew what her men needed from her. No matter how long she was married, she kept up her appearance, grace and allure. Besides wit and beauty, she was known to be a highly sensual woman and she made sure that her partners remained satisfied in the bedroom. It was once rumored that she even brought in Egypt’s finest prostitutes to teach her fellatio techniques.

OK, so maybe you don’t need to scour the web for sex tips- unless you want to, of course. But you also want to avoid making your partner miserable by nagging and depriving him of sex. Learn how to fan the fires of your relationship so they don’t fizzle out. Make sure you commit to enough self-care so you feel and look good on the outside and in.

So Cleopatra’s advice to the modern woman in a nutshell? Choose a man worthy of your affections and become the kind of woman he would never mistreat. Keep the passion alive so that he dreams of you all day and rushes home to you at night.

Not bad advice from someone born over 2,000 years ago…

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