Does Nagging Kill Relationships?

NaggingDo the dishes!  Take out the trash!  Slow down!  Can you please just…  There’s a reason that so many sitcoms include these phrases within their daily dialogue.  Everyone understands them.  Everyone has heard them.  And most people have uttered them.  Nagging just happens to be a part of life.  But it shouldn’t be.

According to Elizabeth Bernstein, a Wall Stree Journal columnist, nagging is a “marriage killer… more common than adultery and potentially as toxic.”  And this isn’t just a bold statement; there is some research to back it up.  As shown in this article by the Huffington Post, nagging increases unhappiness (on both parties) and simultaneously, the chance of divorce.

Furthermore, the article outlines three main reasons why nagging is so toxic for a relationship.

How Nagging Destroys a Relationship

It Kills Communication

People nag because they don’t feel as though they are being heard.  Equally, the nagged don’t feel as if they are understood.  It stands to reason that neither party feels like the other one is listening.  People need to be heard and understood, otherwise their self-esteem plummets.

It Breaks Connections

As you can imagine nothing sets the mood like a bit of arguing, or repetitive whining.  And it doesn’t just get in the way of bedroom activities.  It tends to kill off all intimacy – like holding hands and smiling at one another.

It Destroys Trust

This is a matter of rejection.  The more you nag, the more you make the other person feel like they are on a different team.  And as this becomes a habit, the pattern becomes toxic.

Does nagging kill relationships? All in all, it may just be more destructive than cheating.  It certainly tends to feel like a constant stream of abuse when you are stuck in the middle of it.  Want to know more?  Why not check out the full article here.

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