New Year Relationship Resolutions- Make Love a Priority in 2015



It’s that time of year again. With the end of the old and the start of the new, we all take time to reevaluate our lives. Out comes the pen and paper and we come up with our resolutions for the coming 12 months.

But how effective are they really? The truth is, not very. A whopping 90% of all New Year’s Resolutions fail before the end of January. So what’s a surefire way to commit to your new goal? Choose one you look forward to keeping. Make love your priority for 2015.

More and more research keeps coming out proving that having a healthy relationship is a much better indictor of overall happiness- even over career, income or education. Why not start focusing more on your loved one in 2015 to make for a happier and more satisfied you?

These 11 New Year Relationship Resolutions will help strengthen your bond with your partner and make this year the best for you both.

Follow Your Own Personal Passions

Love to paint or play the guitar? Take time out of your busy schedule to pursue those personal interests. Creativity is sexy after all so if you have an artistic side, be sure to let it shine.

It’s all too easy to let outside interests go after marriage or once in a long-term commitment. By taking time to do the things you love you become an overall happier person. And that joy will only reflect well in your relationship.

Practice Kindness Often

Make it a policy to do or say one kind thing a day to your partner. Studies show that lasting relationships have 2 key ingredients: kindness and generosity. So be sure you make an effort to always be kind.

And you don’t have to be extravagant. Even small gestures like a compliment can go a long way.

Maintain Respect and Intimacy

Knowing what is ok to tell your friends and what should be kept private helps maintain respect and trust between couples. Always avoid reprimanding your partner in front of others and keep intimate details best left unsaid quiet.

Laugh Often

If you find you and your partner have hit a rut, find time to laugh together. If you are able to poke fun at yourself, better still. Laughter really can be the best medicine and a great way to bond.

Show Gratitude

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Be sure you notice and acknowledge all the ways your partner helps make your life better.

The power of gratitude has multiple benefits. Not only will you make your partner feel loved, but that appreciation will also make him more likely to want to help out in the future.

Expressing gratitude in turn makes you a more joyful person. Studies prove that the simple act of showing appreciation manifests happiness.

Dress Up Now and Then

Taking time to look nice once in a while shows your partner that you still care about what he thinks. It helps create those feelings of excitement you both felt at the beginning of your courtship and can be just plain fun.

Understand That Relationships Ebb and Flow

With every relationship there will be good times and bad. It’s how you handle the more difficult periods that matter.

Expect things to become more challenging after kids. Understand that you’ll need to give your partner space every now and then. And figure out how to make time for each other when outside pressures begin to mount.

Prioritize Sex

It’s normal for sex to decline after marriage, especially after having kids. If you want to keep your sex life active be sure you make an effort to find time for each other.

If you find that you don’t have the energy or are too stressed to make love, figure out ways together to alleviate your anxiety so you have an easier time getting in the mood.

Express Your Love in Little Ways

The longer we are with our partners, the easier it is to forget to be romantic. Often it’s the little things you do that tell your partner how much you care.

Why not leave a small love note for him to find? Or send him a surprise and loving text during the day. Get creative. Those small gestures help spark the passion you felt in the beginning of your courtship.

Talk it Out

All good relationships have couples that communicate well. Be sure you and your partner spend time talking to each other, every day if possible.

If something bothers you in the relationship, air it out sooner rather than later. Letting resentment stew only spells disaster for you both.

Take a Break from the Kids Now and Then

Scheduling time for each other is crucial to the wellbeing of your marriage. If you have kids, then making sure you take a break from them will be good for the family as a whole. The two of you get some precious time to focus on each other and the kids get to see how a happy and healthy relationship functions.

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