Quick Fix Relationship Boosters


Relationships take a lot of work. And in today’s busy world, it’s all too easy for us couples to let our marriage slide off our priority list. With all of our rushing around and outside obligations we begin to take each other for granted. Before we know it, we’ve lost that deeper connection we once shared.

Of course, there’s no fast easy solution for saving a relationship in trouble. But making even simple, small efforts can have pleasant results. The below 10 quick fix relationship boosters will help your partner feel appreciated and invigorate your love life.

  • Say Thank You More. Especially for things you tend to take for granted. If your partner always shovels the snow or prepares dinner, make a special point to recognize his or her efforts.
  • Do a Chore Normally Reserved For Your Significant Other. A step up from saying thank you for those tasks your partner usually does would be to actually do them for him or her, particularly if the chore is an unpleasant one like taking out the garbage, cleaning the litter box or changing a diaper.
  • Use a Long Lost Nickname. Have a pet name you once used for your lover but no longer do? Bringing it back can help spark those early feelings of passion.
  • Compliment One of Your Partner’s Friends. Who we choose to spend our time with says a lot about us. Speaking kindly about a friend shows you appreciate his or her taste.
  • Say Something Nice About Your Partner’s Parents. Assuming they have a good relationship, complimenting his or her parents will help create good feelings in the relationship.
  • Start a Conversation by Asking About Your Partner’s Day First. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives that we head straight first into a conversation about our day. If you have a tendency to do this try holding off and asking about your partner’s day first.
  • Bring Up the Past. Recalling happy memories of time spent together, no matter how minor, can fill both of you with positive feelings.
  • Surprise Your Spouse with Lunch. For a change, make his or her lunch to take to work. For an added touch, include a note expressing your love.
  • Deliver Coffee or Tea in Bed. Provided you wake up first, pamper your spouse by bringing him or her coffee or tea.
  • Replay Favorite Song. Have a tune that you both consider to be “your song”? Surprise your partner by playing it when he or she least expects it.
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