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Hollywood relationships are often fickle and we hear about celebrity couples breaking up every day. There are, however, a few relationship lessons from the rich and famous that we should pay heed to. Read on to get some great relationship advice from Hollywood.

If you follow or celebrity gossip, Perez Hilton, you’re more than aware of the constant Hollywood breakups. Divorce is rife these days in all parts of society and many people have simply lost faith in the union of marriage. The most common breakup explanations from Hollywood are cheating, work pressure and of course “irreconcilable differences.” There are your quick Hollywood divorces such as those of Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian and then there are more shocking ones like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Gwyneth and Chris were married for eleven years and have two children – which in Hollywood years is a lifetime marriage.

But despite the glare from the media, there are still many hot celebrity couples making it work and having long and lasting marriages. There are more than just a few Hollywood marriages that have lasted decades and are still healthy. Here is some sound relationship advice from some of Hollywood’s happiest couples.

1. Remind yourself how lucky you are

Recently Hollywood actor, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. This couple would have to be one Hollywood’s favorite long-term couples. Hanks was quoted as saying “I got lucky.” The Hollywood veteran even went as far as saying that he’d won the lottery when he found Rita.

Love is something to cherish. When you find a man, who makes you happy, remember it. Don’t take things for granted and realize that you’re lucky to have found such a match because not everyone’s so lucky.


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2. Communication is everything

Many Hollywood stars are big believers in the “Oscar love curse”. The belief is that any one of Hollywood’s leading ladies who is lucky to win the best actress award will have there husband or partner either cheat on them or divorce them. This is the case for 33 of past winners. However, even with a few academy awards under her belt, our favorite Hollywood starlet, Meryl Streep has managed to avoid the unlucky status. Streep has been married to artist and sculptor Don Gummer for over 35 years and they’re still going strong.

Streep stresses that it’s important to talk about every single issue that arises in a marriage no matter how big or small. Listening is important and offering suggestions and advice is also imperative in a healthy marriage. Sometimes you’ve just got to eat humble pie and admit that you’re wrong. Communication is the key to having a successful and happy marriage and it’s really important to keep those lines open.

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3. Sex in abundance

Lisa Rinna has been married to fellow actor Harry Hamlin for about 16 years and their answer to happiness and long-lasting love is sex. Lots of great sex will help maintain the spark in a relationship.

Rinna, who co-authored a book about sex in relationships, claims it’s the most important aspect in any romantic relationship. Without sex, you’re simply just two roommates who happen to live together. If there’s no sex in the relationship, it’s likely someone will cheat and that someone is usually the man. Cheating leads to divorce and just like that another marriage is over. Relationships are about making efforts and that includes making more of an effort in the bedroom too.

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4. Grow together

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, another long-lasting Hollywood couple have been married a lifetime in Hollywood – 25 years. They have gone out of their way to avoid complacency and swear there are no secrets between them in their relationship. Sedgwick continues to gush about her hunky man stating that’s she’s constantly surprised and amazed by her husband.

As you grow together, you continue to learn more about each other through communication and openness. This is what keeps a relationship interesting.

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5. Remaining private

Our favorite Sex and the City gal, Sarah Jessica Parker has been married to actor Matthew Broderick for over 15 years. Both actors have high-profile careers in Hollywood; however, you never see them flaunting their relationship to the awaiting paparazzi. They’re rarely seen together on the red carpet and when questioned about each other they remain tight-lipped and coy.

Sarah once said that people are forever asking about how they have such a successful marriage in Hollywood. Her answer was simple, “we don’t talk about it.” When talking with others about your relationship, you need to remain cautious. Don’t air your dirty laundry for everyone to hear. Keep things private and work on conflict resolution together for a successful marriage.

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6. Celebrate difference

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, although not married, are perhaps Hollywood’s happiest couple. The unmarried couple has been together for over 30 years and their relationship has certainly stood the test of time.

Goldie, famous for being a free-spirit and laid back knows that being different to her partner is the recipe for success when it comes to relationships. Relationships are always going to have their challenges. It can be challenging because even though you live with someone, you’re two different people. But you need to evaluate what your core values are and assess the things that are important to you.

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7. Be passionate

Often relationships can consume a couple. They can also be really overwhelming at times. It’s really easy to lose sight of who you once were and what you once wanted when you get into a relationship. In saying this, it can also be the continued sense of independence that a person has that can make a marriage healthier and stronger. A great example is Ali Hewson. Perhaps you don’t know her, but she’s married to U2 front man, Bono. Hewson, unlike many other rock n’ roll wives, hasn’t dropped everything to be that wife who follows her man around the world on tour. She has continued to be herself and focuses on her own projects working with a number of different causes. She’s even managed to launch her own fashion line in 2005, Edun without the help of her famous hubby.

Their marriage works because they genuinely like each other. They continue to communicate and more importantly they are passionate about their own work. They allow each other to pursue their own passions and goals and Hewson was quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t want anything else.”

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8. Learn together and from each other

We may think that Michelle Obama has a cushy lifestyle, but it can’t be easy being married to the world’s most powerful man. While President Obama is engrossed leading the US, both he and his wife, Michelle continue to lead in their relationship by example.

Michelle once described her husband as “patient and calm,” something she’s trying to mirror herself. She’s learned a lot from husband. Naturally, with having the US presidency, there are many highs and lows. She’s learned not to get too excited or too low with the constant state of flux. She’s learned to breathe more and just go with the flow. Together, they’ve received a lot of criticism, but they’ve both learned not to take things personally. On the other hand, President Obama credits his wife for teaching him the value of order such as being punctual and even hanging up his own clothes. Together, they’ve learned a sense of balance which has helped them remain happy in their relationship despite their publicity.

Each person has their negative and positive attributes. Take what is good from your partner and learn from their example. Strive to become better people together.


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Hollywood’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to being in love and remaining that way. Take a page out of some of these loved up celebrity couples and follow suit.

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