Signs he could be about to Propose

 proposal19-e1385433040517The end of the year is upon us and you’re looking back reminiscing on the year gone by. It’s been a wonderful year, filled with love, happiness, friendship and success. Your relationship has recently been going from strength to strength and you really hope that your relationship will stand the test of time and continue into the New Year and for many wonderful years after that. You’ve been fantasizing a little bit recently, imagining him getting down on one knee and taking your relationship to the next level. Is your dream far-fetched, or could it be he’s about to propose?

 Let’s face it – it’s been your dream to get married ever since you were a little girl. Years of playing dress up with your mom’s old wedding gown and exchanging pseudo vows with little Tommy next door are still deeply ingrained in your mind. Perhaps it’s about the guy, perhaps it’s the idea of having a big white wedding and walking down the aisle. Whatever it is, you feel like you’re ready to take the big next step in your life and make a commitment, but how do you know that your boyfriend feels the same? Are there any signs that could give you a clue as to if you have a future together or if he’ll ever get down on one knee and propose?

 1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

All men should respect their partners, but a partner who could be willing to make the next move and propose will respect you more. He’ll respect everything about you, from who you are as a person to the job you do. He’ll respect your decisions and if he doesn’t agree he’ll either put it in a polite, more tactful way or just bite his tongue. While you should always maintain respect for one another in a relationship no matter what the status is, the chances are if, he’s ready to propose, he’ll respect you, your beliefs and your freedom more.


When anyone is in a new relationship, they’re so wrapped up in the idea of excitement and adventure. At the beginning of a relationship you’re crazy about him and he is just as crazy about you. The first 4-6 months are what relationship experts refer to as the ‘phase of attraction’ and with everything being new and fun you’re unlikely to grow bored of one another. It’s after that attraction phase that you’ll be able to have the first inkling of whether your relationship will stand the test of time or not. By then, you’ve gotten to know each other, you’ve probably met a few members of each others families and you know how the other ticks, in fact you know almost everything there is to know about him – good and bad.

 If after the initial 6 month period you’re both still crazy about each other and you continue to have fun and enjoy the adventure of you’re relationship it’s a good sign that he’s going to stick around. Perhaps, he’s not going to pop the question any time soon, but it’s a surefire sign he’s serious because as we know too well, when a man doesn’t like something from the outset, he’s likely to end it abruptly. When it comes to relationships men definitely have more logic about their longevity and in his mind, there’s no point in hanging around if he’s not feeling it – he’s got bigger fish to fry.


For some reason, it takes a man longer to invite a woman into his private world. Perhaps it’s because of family pressure – as soon as he brings home a girl, it means business and he’s serious. Or perhaps, unlike us females these are things are just not his top priority. Whatever his reasons are, when he does finally unlock that door and welcome you into his world it could be a sign that he’s just as serious as you. Meeting mom, dad and the rest of gang is a big deal for him and he has to be really sure about you before he takes this step. Being invited to family celebrations such as birthdays and Christmas’ is an even bigger sign that he could be ready to propose. These days are generally reserved for families to rejoice in and share the love and if you’re invited around for Thanksgiving turkey or a New Years’ dinner it shows that he sees you as part of the family as well.

 The same applies for meeting his friends. He’ll proudly introduce you to his friends, introducing you as his girlfriend and he’ll go out of his way to get some of his friends who are either married or in serious relationships to partner up and get together in social situations.

 Be wary of those men who don’t introduce you to anyone. It’s a sign he’s either got something to hide or he’s not interested in sharing his whole life with you. If he avoids introducing you to others in his life – question it and you have the right to find it strange, very strange!


When your man refers to himself as “we” instead of “I” it means he values you, he takes things seriously and he cares about what you think. Signs such as talking about taking out loans, buying homes, going on vacation next year or even the mention of children are all signs he’s ready to settle down. He’s ready to make real commitments and perhaps the next big commitment will be to propose.


Every person has ups and downs and for many it’s easy to stick around when there are many ups but when it comes to the downs others run. A man who will stick by you during the good, the bad and the ugly is a man who cares and man who wants what’s best for you. He’ll support you in times of trouble and at the same time he’ll celebrate your achievements. When a couple survives a series of tough times together, it shows the relationship is strong and that it was built on a strong foundation and this is the base that you need for a good marriage – support.


Sharing can be perceived on many different levels, it could be sharing that last piece of cake or it could be something more serious such as sharing hobbies and pastimes together – as the old saying goes, a couple who play together, stay together. He could take it even further; it could be that he offers you more. Maybe it’s his home, his bank account or even his email passwords – when he share’s like this, it’s a sign he trusts you. Trust is the most important thing in a marriage after love, if he doesn’t trust you enough – he’s also probably not ready to propose yet.


You come up in conversation when you’re not around. He mentions what you’ve done and how you are to his mom on the phone. He gives you praise in front of others…these are all signs that he’s into you. While many may see this as bragging or annoying talk (especially if he overdoes it), you should feel proud and loved. When he brings  your name up either away or in front of you, it’s a sign that he’s serious and he’s proud to have you on his arm. Talking about you incessantly and ‘bigging you up’ in front of his friends and family shows that he really wants them to love you as much as he does, could it be he’s ready to propose?

 While there’s no surefire signs he’s going to get down on one knee and declare his undying love for you (unless you find a ring in his pocket, and even then, it’s not necessarily an engagement one) there are ways to tell he’s serious about you and where your relationship is headed. No matter how eager you are to get him down the aisle, don’t put pressure on him, it’s bound to scare him off. Instead take his positive behavior as signs that he loves you and he’ll ask for your hand when he’s ready.

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