Is He Interested in You? Read His Body Language And Find It Out!

Women are typically more intuitive than mean, but what if added to that natural gift many of us have, you counted with some simple tools to discover if he is really interested in you? Considering that sometimes men try to hide their emotions so as not to expose themselves too soft or weaker, he will probably not directly tell you at the beginning how interested on you he is, but there are signs that tell when a man is really attracted but still allow him to keep his “macho” image. The keys that will let you know if he is getting mad about you are transmitted by all his body, his posture, his gestures, so learn to read his body language and find it out!

He wants to look at you. As soon as a man sees a woman he likes he lifts his eyebrows so as to open his eyes more, he wants to see more of her. This takes less than half second, but happens all the time.

He separates his lips a bit. If he likes what he is watching, his lips will automatically separate a bit for a short instance.

He will try to catch your attention. He may simple adjust the knot of his tie every now and then, or he may become noisy or even histrionic or do some exaggerated gestures.

He will show firmness. Here we mean that he will have most of his body muscles tense, showing his body at his best. Moreover, if standing, he will place his hands on his hips, this enhances his elegance and accentuate his self-confidence image.

He plays with the buttons of his jacket. This game he plays with his hands is because you made him nervous! And added to that, there can be an unconscious desire of taking his clothes off. Next step, he will open his jacket and keep it open by placing his hands on his hips. If he just takes it off, well , probably his mind has gone further on his desires for  you!

While looking at you, he touches his face. If he is really interested on you, he will start softly knocking his cheeks with his fingers, will frequently touch his ears or he will spend some seconds rubbing his chin. This whole gestures are a mixture of nervous excitement, flirting and erotic stimulation, since when we are attracted to someone, our skin becomes much more sensitive.

He starts playing with the glass or any other circular object. When men are sexually attracted to someone, they start playing with circular objects. Subconsciously those objects remind him women breasts, yours!

He guides you, offering you his arm. Guiding someone by the arm is not just a matter of education or a gentle way to guide you through a crowded place, he is also ensuring that he is guiding you where he wants, he doesn´t want to lose you. Besides, he is also showing to the rest that someone is taking care of you, so no one else is needed. What is more, this can lead to some “accidental” touching he won´t try to avoid.

He will take advantage of any excuse to make some body contact. He will gently touch your hair to liberate it from some bread crust that ended there, or will try to remove a fallen eyelash from your cheek, or place his hand on your back on your way out through the door. Those are clear signals that he is sexually attracted to you!

And of course, if he insistently keeps looking at your mouth while you speak, he is hardly resisting the temptation of kissing you!

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