What Men Find Sexy and Beautiful In A Woman

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I am one lady curious of what sexiness means or looks like. I hear friends say I’m sexy which I still wonder if they are just tantalizing me. I ask my partner if I am indeed sexy, and he says “of course” – what kind of answer is that, not near truthful I guess. So, I stood by my full size mirror for a long time criticizing what was in front of me. Boobs – not too big, in fact, it is a mere cup B, waistline – not bad, legs – petite, skin – fair Asian complexion. In fact, I believe I am sexy, and beautiful even if not that voluptuous kind of sexiness. I believe in the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. But still, there are always certain standards of sexiness created by men. So, doing some interviews with the “men” in my life – mostly relatives, friends, and partner, I came up with these results, and some tips too, of what men find sexy and beautiful in a woman – in the following order:

1. Pleasing appearance – “Men are very visual creatures” – Yes, I heard that many times before! And attraction happens almost instantly when they see a physically fit woman. Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean curvaceous but more of having a well-maintained figure. As a first lesson, being sexy and beautiful is not all in the genes, but mostly acquired through hard work. Of course, you must exert some – ok, a lot! – of effort to be sexy and beautiful. This also includes the way you dress, conceal your flaws and flaunt your assets. And for heaven’s sake, understand the meaning of grooming!

2. Great smile – Men are drawn to a woman’s lips because it is considered one of the most sensual part in sexual attraction. Lesson no. 2, look people in the eye and give your best smile. See how it will melt any man’s heart.

3. Long hair – The odds are very obvious – you see majority of Playboy models with long hair. Short haircuts look cute and amazing and sophisticated, but not sexy! It fails to arouse men in general. The best time to try on those short bob cut hairstyle is when you are already in a long-term relationship. This doesn’t matter much to your partner.

4. Polished nails – See? Grooming again! You don’t want anybody with filthy nails caressing your body, correct? So you don’t expect men to fantasize the same filthy nails touching theirs either. Indulge in a hand spa once in a while and color those nails a hot red. And include your toe nails while you’re at it.

5. Love and affection – Men have feelings too, you know. A physically attractive female is a sightful but a sweet and affectionate woman fills the soul. Never go for a guy who prefers the former. Although this was not the first on the list, this made me “Awww” the most. All the men I asked wants a woman who is very loving. But again, sweet and affectionate is different from needy and clingy, which is of course, a turn off to men.

6. Great personality – This is a big turn on to men who are looking for a long term commitment. A cousin of mine (who is hot!) is married to an average looking girl. But I assure you, there is nothing average with her personality. She is an optimistic, cheerful, and witty person. She turned kinda cute when I got to know her. You see, physical beauty fades as one grows old but not one’s personality. Makes a lot of sense, don’t you think?

So you have it, the top things that men (I know) find sexy. And all agree that a combination of the above, or all of the above spells ultimate sexiness! The list goes on such as racy underwears, seductive poses, luscious lips, and so on.

But ladies, although our objective is to impress the general population of men, the important thing is, which leads to the most important tip – make yourself sexy mainly for yourself to build your self-confidence. Different men have different preferences and you can’t please them all. So make yourself sexy and beautiful the way you feel is sexy and beautiful. Believe in yourself and everyone will believe it, too. Eventually, men who has the same mind as yours will be attracted to you big time.

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