Modern Day Kissing And Its Meaning


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During the time when we were young, innocent, and sweet, we had our share of romantic relationships. At that time, a hug and a simple kiss is our way of showing affection. And a kiss – when we were young, innocent, and sweet – was a quick, secretish, lip-to-lip touching. It was so natural, spontaneous, and….simple!

Today, in this world of high technology, I learned through the internet that modern day kissing is an acquired knowledge, has many types and meanings, which, by the way, is overwhelmingly complex. Here’s to share what I learned from the ever reliable Google.

Eskimo kiss – This is done by rubbing the noses back and forth. No lip kissing is really done, except nose kissing. This may be done not just by lovers, but also, by very close friends, relatives, and children. This is one of the wholesome ways of showing love to all ages.

Forehead kiss – As what the name describes, it is kissing the forehead of another person. There is no lip-to-lip kiss and is another wholesome way of showing love to friends, relatives, and children. This is also a great kind of kiss on first dates as not to come too strong or too aggressive to your date.

Royal kiss – Taking the hand and kissing the back of the hand is a way of showing deep respect and courtesy. This gesture is performed mostly between diplomats, children to grandparents or parents, and a gentleman to a lady. Romantically speaking, it is a lover’s way of showing devotion to the partner.

Cheek kiss –  A lip-to-cheek kiss may mean many things. One of which is a friendly kiss when friends of the opposite sex greet each other. It becomes an affectionate kiss when shared by parents and children. It is a non-controversial kiss that may be given to anyone dear to you.

Flying kiss – This, I believe, is the first kiss taught by parents to their toddlers. The flying kiss or blowing kiss is performed by kissing one’s own palm or fingertips and then blowing the imaginary kiss towards the person receiving it. This gesture is mostly done if kissing physically is impossible. This is also popular on large crowds when performers wish to convey their affection to their audience.

Air kiss – There is no actual contact of kissing, instead, the cheek of one person is placed near the cheek of another and by kissing the air near the cheek, one gestures a silent ‘mwah’, sometimes brushing each others cheek or not touching at all. This is the best display of social decorum when uncertain of shaking hands or giving an intimate kiss. This is an act of greeting, at the same time, a goodbye gesture popularized by models, actors, and celebrities. It is now common between friends and relatives all over the world.

Here are the list of the more sensual, erotic, and, may I say, outrageous types of the kissing list restricted to romantically involved couples.

Sandwich kiss – Kissing one lip of a partner between your two lips is a sign of tranquility in a relationship. It is a lazy, relaxed kiss shared between couples enjoying each other’s company.

Peck on the lips – This quick lip-to-lip kiss is an innocent type which is done on first dates, newly developed relationships, or when making out is too soon.

French kiss – This is a deep kiss on the lips with a lot of tongue touching. It is also otherwise known as  ‘swapping spit’ and ‘tonsil hockey’.  From it’s name alone, the origin came from the French who, in the 20th century, had a reputation for more adventurous sex methods. Exclusively practiced by lovers, romantic partners, and spouses, this is a highly sexual and intimate act before the main sex.

Belly button kiss – A kiss on the belly means assurance and support… right after sex.

Teaser kiss – Starting from the forehead, you continue kissing the cheeks, the nose, the neck, the earlobe, arms, going down until who knows where. The purpose of this foreplay is to lead or tease your partner into a more sensual mood.

Long kiss – Contrary to the French kiss, a long kiss doesn’t involve the tongue although both kisses are long and deep. It is a kiss of passion and deep love between lovers.

Secret message kiss – A kiss between very close people or lovers, it is their way of conveying a secret message to their partner. It may be a sexual sign or simply a message of love and affection.

Other types of kisses include butterfly kiss, vampire kiss, and the Spiderman kiss.

Grinning aside, a kiss is a symbol of love, affection, care, and friendship no matter who gives it and receives it.




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