The Benefits of Daily Sex- How Getting Busy Every Day Can Help Your Marriage


Want a surefire way to boost your sex drive while getting closer to the one you love? Consider having sex more often. In fact every night if you can.

Sound crazy and almost completely impossible? Believe it or not, the benefits of daily sex are many. Along with boosting your libido, you can improve your health as well as your relationship.

Two long married couples, Doug and Annie Brown and Charla and Brad Muller engaged in an experiment to improve their relationship by having sex every day for one whole year. While their marriages weren’t in any real danger, sex had become less and less frequent for both couples. They had lost the chemistry they once enjoyed. To reverse the course their relationships had started to take, they decided to make love for 365 nights straight.

And did it work?

Absolutely! Both couples reported an improvement in their marriages, both in and out of the bedroom.

Not only did daily sex give their relationship a complete overhaul, they even felt less stressed, less angry and just happier as a result.

The Science Behind Frequent Sex

Anthropologist and human behavior researcher, Helen Fisher agrees that frequent sex can be the key to a happier marriage. Besides boosting the libido, it promotes romance as well as attachment by releasing the “love hormones”: dopamine, oxytocin and testosterone.

Plus the more sex you have, the healthier you become. Along with reducing stress, it helps fight depression, aids respiration and bladder control and can potentially boost energy. In fact, with so many benefits, it’s hard to argue against having frequent sex.

And it doesn’t have to be earth-shattering sex every time. Sex therapist Andrea M. Macari, PhD., encourages couples to have “good enough” sex. It’s unrealistic to expect amazing sex every day. The point is to make a conscious effort to start having more of it. And by doing just that, desire and libido will increase.

The great thing about sex is that it’s self-promoting. The more you engage in it, the more you want it. And the opposite is also true, the less frequently you have it, the less interested in it you become. No wonder that so many couples in sexless marriages have trouble getting intimate again!

So if you want to increase desire in your long-term marriage, consider having more sex. A lot more sex.

Frequent love making also helps take some of the pressure off. Before they engaged in the daily sex experiment, both Doug Brown and Brad Muller reported feeling performance anxiety before the act. But once they started having sex more often, that pressure eased off.

Not only that, but they discovered an electricity that had not been there in years. They grew closer than ever to their spouses and old inhibitions began to disappear. Confidence in themselves and each other increased along with communication.

Not for Everyone

OK, so maybe daily sex isn’t right for you. Some couples actually prefer to build anticipation over the course of a few days and cherish getting intimate a couple of times a week. Or maybe due to schedules, daily sex is simply too much pressure. Some sex specialists actually think that these expectations are completely unrealistic. But even the naysayers agree that frequent sex is a great way to bond and stay connected to your partner. Even if you don’t feel like it at first, just making an effort to engage in the activity will get you in the mood.

So choosing whether you want to reap the benefits of daily sex is up to you. But knowing that increased love making can do wonders for your libido and enhancing your relationship, you may want to consider devoting more time to getting busy.



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