Boosting Your Sex Life After Baby

One of the biggest complaints of any couple is what happens to the sex life after a baby enters the picture. The sex life of a couple can often go downhill fast, and it might seem tough to recover. Of course, during those first few months the sex life takes a backseat, and for good reason — you are both too tired to deal with anything other than the new little bundle of joy. But once those first few months have passed, what then? What can you do if your sex life seems to stay in that rut and doesn’t get any better?

Fortunately, there are ways to approach sex that will make you both happier — perhaps even happier than you were before the baby was born! Here’s what you need to know to boost your sex life after baby.

  1. Don’t sweat it. It is very important to understand that your sex life will ebb and flow, especially during those first crucial months after the baby is born. So don’t push it! Many women can’t have sex at all for several weeks after giving birth, and some are just too tired to do it. This is perfectly normal, and should never be seen as a problem!
  2. Stay connected. Take some time to be alone with your partner. Even ten or twenty minutes each day is enough to keep your connection strong. It might seem impossible, but it’s not! When the baby is finally asleep, take a shower together. Or lie down on the bed together, hold hands, and talk about anything other than the baby until you both drift off to sleep.
  3. Make an effort. It can be tempting to stay in pajamas all day long, and it might be justified! But if you want to restart your sex life with your partner, it pays to make an effort to look good. Not only does it get your partner’s attention, it gives you a boost of confidence, which any new mother knows is essential.
  4. Take care of the birth control issue. Most women do not want to get pregnant again immediately after giving birth, so make sure it doesn’t happen by using a good form of birth control. This will help you relax and get into the mood when it is time for sex.
  5. Overcome the breastfeeding issue. Many men see a woman’s breasts as being off-limits, or no longer sexy, but rather as a milk factory meant to feed the baby. To alleviate this, try wearing a very sexy bra when it’s time for intimacy. Most importantly, be very open with your partner about how he feels about this aspect of having an infant in the house.
  6. Make sex a priority. When you have the green light from your doctor to have sex again, make it a must on your to-do list. Not enough time? Hire a babysitter for a few hours and head off to a hotel, or get it on in the shower while the baby sleeps, or even have a quickie between the time your alarm goes off and the time you have to pick the baby up out of the crib. Make sex fit into your schedule, no matter how hectic it is.

But no matter what, remember these two things: Take care of your health and take care of your intimacy. Taking care of your health means making sure it’s okay to have sex after your delivery, and make sure that you approach it very slowly. Taking care of your intimacy means simply spending time with your partner, talking through things, and finding ways to connect. These two points are the most important — everything else comes in second when it’s time to boost your sex life after baby.

Source: PoachedMag

Source: PoachedMag


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