The Ultimate Cure for the Empty Nest Blues


How a Vacant Home Could Spell Better Sex for You and Your Partner

It can be hard adjustment to make. After years of devoting yourself to one or more children, you suddenly have a house devoid of kids. All those extra hours spent running errands for your child, attending PTA meetings, carpooling with neighbors and preparing packed lunches are now free. Your home seems uncomfortably quiet after your kids have moved out and left for college.

Many couples struggle with the empty nest blues once the kids leave home. The emotions you experience may be mixed. On one hand you feel happy that your children have gone on to do exciting things but sad to suddenly not be able to see him or her on a daily basis. You might just not even know what to do with all that extra free time you now have on your hands.

What The Empty Nest Means for Your Marriage

A vacant home could mean a number of things for you and your spouse. The transition could have either a positive or negative affect on your relationship. Many couples actually divorce after the kids leave home. Without the presence and distraction of their children they soon discover that they have nothing in common besides parenting.

But for other marriages, the empty nest actually has the potential to bring you closer together. One study recorded in the November 2008 issue of Psychological Science states that marital satisfaction improves for women once the kids move out. They not only have more time to focus on their relationship, they actually enjoy their partner more.

The truth is, both of you will need some time to process the loss. But once you realize you are in this boat together, you not only can help one another through this new phase, you can also use the extra free time to reconnect and nurture your relationship.

And to give your sex life a needed boost.

Don’t know where to begin? Think outside the box. The following 5 ideas will help jog your imagination.

1) Go Back to the Beginning

Use the extra time on your hands to get reacquainted. What was it about your partner that made you fall in love with him or her? Some couples enjoy playing a game where they reenact a first date. They show up separately to a bar or other venue and pretend as if they don’t know each other. After drinks, a meal and some conversation, they then go home together. Research proves this approach can help bring back some of the passion couples experienced in the beginning of their relationship.

2) Do What Feels Good For Your Bodies Now

No matter how fit you may be, with age your have bodies changed. Understand and accept the differences. If one of you has back issues, change positions to what feels good for you both. If the two of you lack the stamina you once had, adjust accordingly.

3) Enjoy the Differences

Just like your body, sex with your partner will change over the years, and not necessarily for the worse. Some things will improve. Maybe you don’t have the same stamina or energy level, but for older men control often gets better with age. Plus the two of you know each other’s bodies- you understand what works and what doesn’t. Often older couples feel less self-conscious in the bedroom. This fact alone always means better sex.

Revel in this new phase of your sex life.

4) Reignite the Passion

Find ways to put the spark back in your sex life. Knowing that an empty nest can actually turn into a second honeymoon, take advantage and profit from you and your partners increased libido.

You don’t have to go crazy. Sometimes even small gestures can fuel the fire. A back rub, bath together or even something as little as a compliment can go a long way.

For the more adventurous, discussing fantasies or renting a sexy movie might also be an option.

5) Fill the Void

Overcoming the empty nest blues is far more challenging for parents who don’t pursue interests of their own. The primary caregiver in particular will be at risk of feeling a loss of identity once the kids have left.

Invest some time in pursuing interests outside the home. Whether it’s volunteering or a creative hobby, you will not only keep yourself busy and more fulfilled, you will also become more desirable to your partner.

So take heart. While it’s always sad to see your children move on and take flight, new windows of opportunity can open up to you. An empty nest may just reignite the spark in your marriage and your sex life.












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