A 365 Day Proposal That Will Move You to Tears

This past January, Jennifer had a birthday surprise she could’ve never imagined.

While on vacation in Aruba with her family, her boyfriend Dean decided to ask her to marry him.

But this was no ordinary marriage proposal. It took a long time for to Dean to come up with the perfect way to pop the question. Three hundred and sixty-five days, in fact.

The year before, it dawned on him that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Jennifer. He tried to figure out the most romantic way he could ask her to be his wife. He decided to create a year long countdown. So every day from January 2014 to January 2015 he filmed himself holding a piece of paper asking the question. He even lip synced to a soundtrack he edited perfectly.

He finally presented his 365 day proposal to Jennifer on her birthday with all of her loved ones there by her side.

Some proposals can be way over the top. Some not so special at all. But Dean found his own unique and creative way to pop the question.

And it only took one minute of every day for a year…

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