Father’s Day Video Goes Viral


It begins just like any other first date, with the guy in front of the mirror, tying his tie, nervous with anticipation. His suit jacket fastened and shoes on, he walks excitedly out his door and down the front steps. But he suddenly stops in his tracks and as he does the film changes from black and white to color. He takes a deep breath in, turns around and goes back to the house he just came from.

After ringing the doorbell, his date answers: a three year old girl in a pink dress and blonde curls. “Wow, you are so beautiful!” he exclaims. “Hi, Daddy.” she responds.

So begins the Father’s Day video, The Best First Date.

Posted last year by Aaron Dickson, this 2 minute video has gotten a lot of attention. With over 12 million hits on YouTube and featured on news channels like ABC, most viewers have been touched by the obvious love shared between father and daughter. Set to a soundtrack written by Aaron himself, he says he hopes that this short film will help teach his daughter how a real first date should go and how a man needs to treat a woman.


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