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About Us

In the middle of watching the romantic film, “Letters to Juliet” I was struck with an idea of creating a website dedicated solely to the topics of love, romance and what it means to be alive. As any great notion, I promptly tucked it away for a later day. I did have the movie to watch after all…

Not content to remain forgotten, my idea kept coming back to pester me. It finally stirred me up enough to take action and build this site from scratch. I christened it “Juliet is the Sun” after the famous line in Shakespeare’s play.

Once I had constructed the bare bones of the project, I sent out a call for writers. I wanted my new site to be a collaboration of many authors, sharing inspiring news items as well as their own personal insight, passions and struggles.

I hand picked a group of inspired writers from across the globe to take part in my vision. Each day the website grows, evolves and takes shape. Slowly we are finding a voice together.

And with every new post we seek an audience to share our passion. We invite you to join us on this exciting new journey.

Constantly we are bombarded with the horror and negativity from the 24 Hour News stations. No matter where we live or what we do we, none of us can seem to escape it.

But we have one thing in common, as individuals sharing this planet together. We understand what it is to love and be loved. And remembering that one blessing of the human condition is enough to keep us going. This site is a testament to what matters most in the world: people finding passion and trying to build a life filled with love.

We hope you find solace and joy in our expression and look forward to any suggestions and comments you have to offer.

Juliet’s Team


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