Bride Marries Her Prince Four Years After Tragedy

Source: People

Source: People

In March 2010, Larry Ragsdale was on his way to propose to the girl of his dreams. But all that changed when a drunk driver plowed into his car, changing his life in a split second. A strong, star athlete, the young man was left in a coma, and when he did wake up many months later, he was partially paralyzed.

The love of his sweetheart never wavered. Kelcie Yeoman stood by his side, even getting a job in the rehabilitation facility where he was moved after he awoke from the coma, so they could be together more often. Through three grueling years, he worked hard to get back as much of his body and mind as he could. He is permanently disabled, and will never have the same things he had before the accident — but one thing has never changed.

In August 2013, Larry finally proposed to his high school sweetheart — offering her the same ring he had intended to give her on that fateful night. Of course, Kelcie said yes!

And now, it gets better.

The couple will get their dream wedding, courtesy of kind strangers, Disney, and a dedicated sister who dove into fundraising to make it happen. Over $20,000 was raised in 11 days, but it turns out that wasn’t enough. In response, a former group of Disney brides jumped into the fundraising too, making certain that Kelcie has a dream wedding with her prince.

Their wedding will happen in September, in front of about 100 guests. In the end, they intend to ride away in a carriage — the Prince Charming and his Princess, finally getting their dream come true.

Learn more about Kelcie and Larry through this amazing fundraising video, here.

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