How Popular Are Mangagement Rings?

We heard of engagement rings for women who are soon to be wed. This is widely known and practised in Western cultures. It is traditionally worn by women to show her intention to marry the giver. It has since become customary for couples everywhere.

These days, engagement rings do not belong to women alone. More men are also wearing engagement rings, more popularly known as the ‘man-gagement’ ring. This is often times mistaken for a wedding ring, but depending on a man’s status, it might actually be a mangagement ring. Like an engagement ring for women, a mangagement ring is a gift presented to men by their significant other as a symbol of their binding pledge to marry. The increasing trend of mangagement rings is brought about by the increased number of women proposing to men. Another reason is the rising number of same-sex marriages or unions where males give their partners an engagement ring when they propose.

As compared to female engagement rings, men’s engagement rings are thicker and more manly looking where a diamond is optional, but is also a common choice. It might be a classic band in white gold, yellow gold, platinum or palladium. Other men prefer customized carved rings and some with single or multiple diamonds. Just like any engagement and wedding rings, there is no right amount to spend on a mangagement ring as long as you stay within your budget.

Check out these styles.

mangagement rings

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