Wedding Vow To A 3-Year-Old Stepdaughter

Wedding vow

Photo credit: PenWeddings

When NASCAR driver, Brian Scott had his wedding on January 2014, it was an emotional, yet, a very heartwarming ceremony. His wedding vow to his bride, Whitney Kay, was sweet, romantic, and touching. However, it was not only to Whitney that he made a promise. He made sure to include his 3-year-old stepdaughter, Brielle. Watch the heartfelt promise he made to two of the most important girls in his life.

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We seldom see a groom who values his bride’s daughter as much as Brian did. In this kind of setting, it is always the bride who is the main focus of the groom’s attention, but in this wedding, the child also takes the limelight, which, to anyone who witnessed it, was clearly impressed by Brian’s admirable action.

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